Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Well, I put my money where my mouth is. I traded Matt Capps in my big-money league for C.C. Sabathia and Frank Thomas (who I will probably cut). C.C.'s velocity is there. If this is a result of his being overworked last year, I've given up a valuable sleeper closer for a guy who may take a beating in the AL Central. But, looking at Sabathia's career, I've got to think he'll rebound. Maybe the free-agency thing is looming over his head. Who knows? Meanwhile, I'll slot Acosta into Capps' slot in a few days and begin vulturing around for another closer. With Sabathia, Hamels, Chris Young, Felix Hernandez, Oliver Perez, Randy Johnson, Mark Prior, and Curt Schilling, my rotation is looking phenomenal.

-- If I could reach out and strangle the Mariners' skipper and pitching coach with the power of my mind, I would. Why the fuck do you leave Felix Hernandez out there for 115 pitches? Complete games don't mean shit, healthy elbows do. Last year he missed over a month with a sore elbow after being overworked in April. Use the hook! Hernandez is looking like he's on the cusp of a break-out, Cy Young-type season. That goes out the window if he tweaks his elbow again.

-- I've pimped Mike Jacobs and Jorge Cantu since before the season started. Jacobs hit his NL leading sixth dinger tonight, and Cantu went 2-for-4, stole a base, and had a run and an RBI. I give up. This is the last time I promote them as waiver-wire fodder. I doubt Jacobs is a free agent anywhere, anymore, but Cantu likely is.

-- Kevin Gregg had another save, thus boosting his trade value. Gregg owners: he's going somewhere before the trading deadline, so you may want to sell by mid-May. You want another pending trade candidate? We mentioned it way back in one of our pre-season guides, but I've got to think Huston Street is heading somewhere. And Keith Foulke is quietly having a real good year. Hmmmm.....

-- Brandon Webb, Johan Santana, and Jake Peavy are going to be butting heads all year for the NL CY Young. It's somewhat shocking to think that not only are the three best pitchers in the NL, but they're the best by a large margin.

-- Rumblings out of Seattle are that Erik Bedard has a torn hip labrum. Regular readers of this column will remember I mentioned this as a possibility a few days back (or possibly arthritis). After doing some research, if he needs surgery he's gone for months. If it can be pitched through, it's still going to be a constant aggravation. Basically, you need to start formulating a plan "B." It's probably too late to trade him. Except maybe for Sabathia.

-- Just after I pronounce him D.O.A., Roy Oswalt strikes out four and gets a win over Philadelphia. Doug Brocail got the save. Yeah, that's what I thought. Either something is wrong with Jose Valverde, or they just got tired of his recent run of atrociousness. Either way, I don't want Doug Brocail, and I love fill-in closers.

-- Bobby Jenks has quietly become an absolutely lights-out closer. Take note.

-- C.J. Wilson has yet to allow a run and picked up yet another save today. A.J. Burnett inexplicably took the loss in relief. Yeah, no one could have seen that coming.

-- Adam Dunn is now hitting a cool .200 with two home runs and about a zillion walks. If Prince Fielder could start contributing, a few of my teams would be doing a lot better.

-- What is going on with Jimmy Rollins? How does day to day turn into more than a week off? This is now officially pissing me off.

-- Corey Patterson is in a horrendous slump/returning to the mean. Still has value, but I'm playing him less and less as the days go by.

-- Joakim Soria is going to be a top three closer off the boards next year, mark my words.

-- The Dodgers scored eight runs and every position player had a hit except for Andruw Jones. This misery is worth it if the Dodgers fire Ned Colletti.

-- Jason Kubel is quietly putting up a solid year for the Twins batting in the sixth spot. You could do worse.


Anonymous said...

I offered up Cueto for Sabethia two days ago, and the owner is just letting it sit there (he might be waiting til he saw what CC did last night). Should I cancel it this morning before he logs on?

He may just accept it as soon as he gets on the computer.

David said...

Just a hunch, but I'd venture to say you could do better than C.C. Sabathia with Johnny Cueto. I'd cancel it and see if you can't get more of a sure thing. If you can't, you can always re-up the trade before Sabathia's next start five days from now.

waters96 said...

What do you guys think is fair value for Cueto right now. I've got him in two leagues and would like to maximize his trade potential.

Mike Bock said...

I'd cancel the Cueto offer.

I think fair value is one, maybe two low to high teens draft value players.

Alex said...

Thanks for the heads-up on Jacobs and Cantu ... as you noted, Jacobs is gone in my league, but Cantu is still available.

I'm searching for a CI which will allow me to move Braun to my shakey OF (Damon, Victorino, C. Young, Either, L. Scott, Milledge, Dye .... we start 5 OFs) ... so of the following WW players, who would you choose???

E. Encarnacion


David said...

@Alex: I think the answer to your question is probably determined in large part by the type of league you happen to be in. If you are in a standard, single-year league, Jorge Cantu or Edwin Encarnacion is probably the way to go. Both of these gentlemen will probably play every day, which is not a given in the case of Joey Votto. Given Dusty Baker's hostility toward young players and deferrence toward no-talent, ass-clown veterans (see, e.g., Neifi Perez) Votto may not play every day this year. However, if you are in a long-term keeper league, Votto's upside may warrant taking him over the aforementioned two. Anyway, I hope that was of some help. The fine folks at Fantasy Hurler will likely be able to provide you with a better answer if you need one.

Alex said...

Thanks David!

I'm actually in a standard 5x5, 12-team keeper league. Agreed on Votto's upside, but I'm not sure if Votto will make the "top 7" keeper list at the end of the season over guys like Furcal, Fielder, Braun, Lincecum, etc. ... so I guess I'm looking for the biggest impact this season.

My gut says to go with EE, but the guy scares the sh*t out of me ... streaky, extreme highs and lows - many tag him as the kid who will NEVER live up to his potential.

Tough call on those 3 - but you bring up a good point ... playing time ... so that seems to narrow it down to EE or Cantu.

Mike Bock said...

When things look equal, I'd go with multi-eligibility flexibility. Which would be Cantu.

But, all things are not equal. Edwin is subject to the vaguaries of Dusty Baker, just like Votto. And unless Cantu keeps up his current torrid pace, and cuts down his league leading number of errors at third, he's going to start losing playing time at some point.

I'd go with Votto and monitor my team on a daily basis. When he's not playing, rotate your lineup.

Is Mike Jacobs available? Also, isn't Victorino on the DL?

Alex said...

Jacobs is not available - bummer. I have Victorino - on the DL right now. That's why I'm scrambling to get Braun in the OF, thus needing to pickup a CI. Damon is on my bench - totally useless.

Argh ... I'm in a weekly lineup league, so no way switch Votto from day-to-day ... indeed a pain in the a$$.

Mike Bock said...

Weekly lineups? Cantu it is, at least for the foreseeable future.

Alex said...

thanks Mike ... appreciate the help!