Monday, April 21, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Chase Utley is leading the majors in home runs? I'm thinking a lot of people chose the wrong Philadelphia middle infielder in the first round this year. Rollins goes on the DL after dicking his owners around for a week and a half. Chipper Jones strained the same right quad that he hurt earlier (I'd be concerned, but you should have known this when you drafted him), and A-Rod also pulled his right quad (I wouldn't be concerned -- they have tomorrow off).

-- Right on cue, Jeremy Accardo gets the save. I cut him last night in the last league in which I was holding on to him. Of course.

-- I am going to make every manager in Major League Baseball right this on a chalkboard 1,000 times: "I will not ask my closer to pitch in non-traditional save situations." George Sherrill comes in for mop-up work, gets bombed. C.J. Wilson gets awakened from his nap in the middle of the ninth inning, gives up two runs and allows five base runners without recording an out. This madness has to stop.

-- I can't believe I'm steering you guys toward a S.F. prospect, but this Bowker kid just keeps hitting home runs. In deep leagues where power is scarce, take a flier.

-- Gagne pitched for the fourth straight day and got demolished. Couldn't have seen that coming.

-- Kelly Johnson is very quietly turning his season around. If he was dropped in your league, grab him. He has three home runs already, and you aren't going to find too many 20/15 candidates at MI.

-- Ryan Doumit looks like he's got the job full-time, all year. Those of you snagged him early; great job!

-- Richie Sexson = comeback player of the year? Then again, look at that batting average.

-- Randy Johnson was put back out in the sixth inning and left in for 104 pitches. Anyone care to speculate as to how that went? Anyone? He gave up six runs and was chased from the game. I still trust him.

-- So, Brad Lidge hasn't allowed an earned run yet. Anyone notice? Anyone?

-- Kansas City is starting to look like ... well, Kansas City. Bobby Crosby is quietly having one hell of a season. C.C. Sabathia gets K.C. next time out, and if he gets shelled this time, I'd officially be sweating bullets. I actually just traded C.C. for Mariano Rivera in the league in which I recently acquired him. There were a few reasons for that: I like the five pitchers I have, innings are at a premium, and I just read an in-depth article which concluded C.C. basically isn't throwing his slider this year. That may be just be because he can't locate anything besides a hometown buffet, or he could be having an elbow or shoulder problem. Either way, it's someone else's problem now. Rivera seems like fair value for a 50/50 chance Sabathia rebounds. Basically, I ended up trading Matt Capps for Mariano Rivera and one start of Sabathia.

If Sabathia turns it around, I'm probably going to bemoan my rash decision to turn a quick profit and drink tons of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot barleywine, a superior beer in every respect to the pale ale folks commonly associate with the brewery.

-- Gary Matthews, Jr. is one free-swinging mofo. If he gets his batting average up anywhere respectable, I'm doing everything I can to move him. Why anyone ever throws him a strike is beyond me.

-- Rafael Soriano looks like he won't be back on Tuesday after all. And this should surprise people ... why? I've tried to trade Manny Acosta, my fifth closer and been rebuffed. Soriano has had significant elbow problems -- including Tommy John surgery -- in the past, his elbow has been hurting since the spring, and he still can't throw without pain. Why do people believe anything Atlanta says on the subject? Meanwhile, Acosta has been lights out since a rough first outing, and I see him closing for at least another month.


Steve said...

Hey Mike - I drafted Kelly Johnson but grabbed Aaron Hill as a fill-in last week and left him in my line-up - and had no cause to regret doing so. Who do you like better for the long haul?
My intial feeling is that they are pretty similar with Hill hitting for better average...

Mike Bock said...

Well, I would have said Johnson, but he missed another @$@#$@ game today. His knee looks like it's going to be a problem all year, so it looks like Hill will out-sleeper Johnson.

I still think Johnson will put up better stats per at-bats, but he may not reach 450, let alone 500, if that knee keeps acting up.