Saturday, April 12, 2008



-- I would rather self-cut with a dirty paring knife than praise J.D. Drew. But what can I say? The man needs to be added in every league. People probably remember that he was the worst everyday Major League outfielder last year. (I'm not kidding: he actually rated out the worst. An average replacement player would have been more beneficial to the Red Sox than Drew.) But with three home runs, apparent health, and a near .500 batting average, grab him and ride the hot streak.

-- Evan Longoria looks like he may be called up! Turn off the porn and go grab him.

-- Peter Moylan is saving games for Atlanta after all. (Guess it wasn't Acosta.) He's a stud reliever and Exhibit "A" why you DON'T PAY FOR SAVES! I think I may actually get that as a tattoo.

-- The Florida Marlins entire lineup, other than Hanley Ramirez and perhaps Hermida, probably went undrafted. Take a good look at Mike Jacobs, Jorge Cantu, and [maybe Hermida]. Because within the next five days, I wager that all three are close to 100% owned.

-- Akinori Iwamura is entrenched at leadoff and 2B eligible for Tampa Bay. Getting frustrated with [insert one of the twenty struggling scrub second baseman here]?

-- Ty Wigginton went on the DL. If you don't have DL room, I can't see how you spare a roster spot for him in shallow leagues.

-- I still don't like Aubrey Huff.

-- Jason Kendall will never, never, never, never be in the "Fodder" section of this column. Ever. But if that were to happen, it would happen now.

-- I didn't see this coming from Kyle Lohse. Truly. But he just looks lights out.

-- Shaun Marcum or Dustin McGowan available in your league? Didn't think so.


-- Looks like Todd Wellemeyer may only be getting one start against the Giants. Darn. In any event, if you picked him up, check the schedule and drop him today or tomorrow.

-- In every league, in every format, cut Dontrelle Willis.

-- I can't believe I'm typing this, but you really need to consider whether you want Andruw Jones on your team in leagues with limited bench positions. He has become a batting average cancer, and even if he turns around the power numbers, I don't think he sniffs .250 this year. You've got to try to trade him.

-- I just managed to negotiate a Felipe Lopez for Jose Guillen trade with an owner in my "big money" league. I'm happy to get Jose off my team, as he was going to get cut anyway. When I see a drop in performance combined with a notable loss of musculature, I become concerned.


Steve said...

I have Wiggy, but both Iwamiura and Cantu are available to me. Iwamura has that 2B eligibility of course, but who you like best? My starters at 2nd and 3rd are Johnson and Atkins so Wiggy's replacement wouod be a bench player.
or should I keep Wiggy?

Mike Bock said...

Do you have DL room? otherwise, no. Speculate on a fill-in closer instead.

Steve said...

Nah - have Mike Gonzalez in my DL spot. Closers-possiby-in-waiting that are available include Embree, J Walker, Rodney, Zumaya, Brocail, T Walker, Devine and Riske. Any of those worth a pickup?