Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Peter Moylan just went on the DL with elbow pain. Add Acosta immediately, especially if you are a Moylan or Soriano owner.


If you're still hanging on to Kenji Johjima, bench him or cut him outright. He's beginning to vanish off the rosters of every league I'm in, as Mike Napoli (four home runs in limited time), Jason Kendall (*gasp*), and Ryan Doumit are all snatched up.

In a month or so, Russell Martin may show up on this list.


Anonymous said...

Got any projections for Napoli? How would you rank him in an OBP league?

Mike Bock said...

The problem with Napoli is that he is splitting time. It is absolutely impossible to project the stats for a player when you don't know if he'll get 250 at-bats, or 400.

He's always had pop -- 15 HR in 268 at-bats in '06, and 10 HR in 219 at-bats in '07 indicate that this isn't a fluke. His OBP isn't dreadful for a catcher, hovering in the 350ish range.

Unless you have the bench room to carry two catchers, and unless your league allows daily transactions, his lack of playing time will eat you alive. Whatever benefit you get from OBP and home runs (his batting average and stolen bases are a wash compared to other catchers) is going to be offset by his atrocious runs and rbi totals.

If the Angels ever commit to him as a starter, he'll be added in every league, in every format, immediately.

Bob Taylor said...

Oh, thank, GOD. My shitty Bloggers League team is getting killed in saves because I only drafted two closers -- Soriano and Saito. I missed out on both Moylan and Acosta when Soriano first went on the DL, but the guy who picked up Acosta cut him two days ago when it looked like Moylan would be the guy.

So I was stuck with Soriano on my DL and Qualls getting useless holds in my lineup, and I thought, well, might as well use my shitty waiver priority and swap Qualls for Acosta, since he'd make a better fit with Soriano if something would happen with Moylan.

And -- BAM -- something's happened with Moylan. First good thing that's happened to my team in that league all year.