Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Adam Lind has never batted below .299 at any stop in his minor-league career, he'll be 24 this year, and Frank Thomas is no longer blocking Matt Stairs from the DH platoon role that is so rightfully his (thereby moving him out of left field, which he plays less than adequately). Lind had something like 35ish homers spread across his last year of minor league ball, so the power is there, too. He didn't embarrass himself with a late call-up last year, sprinkling 11 home runs across roughly 300 at-bats with a pretty awful batting average ... but that was last year. Even though a sore neck has kept him in the minors thus far, I'd add him in every Al-only and deep mixed league immediately.

Clint Barmes is probably going to be starting ... oh ... any day now. In deep leagues, and certainly in NL leagues where you're scrapping for starters, he's worth picking up at least while this red hot streak continues.

I dropped Bobby Crosby in favor of Jeff Keppinger. Hmm ... looks like I maybe should have traded Orlando Cabrera instead. Can Crosby stay healthy? Considering he's basically ignored in most leagues, it's worth finding out.

I would stash Bartolo Colon on any team with a free DL slot ahead of the following also injured pitchers: Mark Prior, Curt Schilling, Kelvim Escobar, Chris Carpenter, Mark Mulder, and probably quite a few others I can't think of. He's pitching for dough and supposedly the velocity is back.


So much for Edwin Jackson turning things around.

I can't believe I'm writing this, but Carlos Delgado is basically not ownable in shallow mixed leagues unless you have the luxury of stashing him on a deep bench for the indefinite future. You can't play him against lefties, and as CI guys like Mark Reynolds, Joey Votto, and Mike Jacobs fly off the waiver wire, I'm not too sure you want him around, period. His stats have been declining for awhile, and the only folks more concerned than Delgado owners are in the Mets organization.

Corey Patterson now isn't playing against righties, and he's mired in a dreadful slump. If you drop him in all but NL-only or uber-deep leagues, you can pick him back up when he turns things around ... if Jay Bruce doesn't get called up and put an end to this whole rotating center-fielder madness. I love me some Patterson, but it puts an extraordinary strain on a fantasy manager when he can't figure out when the fuck a guy is supposed to be playing.

Whatever is wrong with Jose Guillen (I have my suspicions), it doesn't look it's going to turn around anytime soon. He's gone from a late-round sleeper to waiver-wire chaff.

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