Tuesday, April 29, 2008



Max Scherzer has now been added to Yahoo waiting lists. Sounds like he'll start out in relief, but I can't believe they won't give him at least a few spot starts. Grab him in any NL-only league and any moderately deep mixed league.

I think Eric Gagne is one blown save away from faking an injury and working some issues out. Salomon Torres should be owned in all leagues. Particularly if you're scraping by with one or two full-time closers and some fill-ins. Turnbow and Riske appear to have pitched themselves out of the possibility of closing.

You know what, Juan Pierre has his uses. That use is sitting on a bench in deep leagues and playing on off days or when he has favorable matchups (Josh Bard on the Padres and Geovany Soto of the Cubs come to mind). He's on pace for 40-50 stolen bases, even with the reduced playing time. Folks, he's free in way too many leagues. Don't start him, whatever you do, but most rosters should have room for a useful speedster.


I'd cut Geoff Jenkins in all but the deepest NL leagues: Victorino is back, and I'm thinking Jenkins is the guy whose playing time is going to suffer.

Jonathan Broxton apparently has a bum shoulder. I know he's a great middle reliever, but guess what: there are a ton of very good middle relievers who don't need an MRI tomorrow. If you feel the need, put him on the DL, but if you can't do that in the next few days I'd move on. Whoever the new set-up man is should be owned. Maybe it's Joe Beimel?

If you picked up Gavin Floyd, Scott Olsen (who's complaining of shoulder pain), or any other soft-tosser (half a K an inning or less), congrats on a good ride, now trade or dump them. Go pick up someone with a better chance of sustained success. If you must keep them, spot start them with favorable ballparks/matchups until you've convinced yourself that they won't be setting any MLB records this year.

Guys like Mike Jacobs can really give teams a boost. You can also hold on to them too long. He's got a finger injury that somehow was so severe he asked to leave the game in mid at-bat. He hasn't been in the lineup since, and reports as to his return are vague. You know what? I'm thinking about cutting him. In shallow leagues, he'd be gone already. Don't ride hot bats too long. He's not hitting 60 home runs this year.

Unless I had a DL slot or a really deep bench, I'd just go ahead and cut Jorge Posada right now. The last thing you need to be doing is dicking around with an injured, unproductive catcher. I'd do the same thing with Kenji Johjima. You'd like to think at some point Seattle would bring up super-prospect Jeff Clement (batting close to .400 with insane OPS numbers in AAA), but apparently they want him to remain blocked for as long as possible.

Orlando Cabrera is beginning to inch closer to the "I need to bench this guy or cut him" category. In shallow leagues, I suspect he's being dropped left and right for guys like Jeff Keppinger. As a concerned Cabrera owner, I'm watching the situation.

Andruw Jones: the dream is dead, folks. In shallow leagues, he should have been cut by now. Even in deep leagues, I'm thinking that owners simply can't take his brutal batting average, even if the power does return.

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