Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Harden and streamers

To stream, or not to stream

I hate streamers. I really do. This is why leagues in which I am a commissioner contain transaction limits (this year: 90). It destroys the integrity of fantasy rosters and, I think, contributes to waiver-wire races that are counter-productive to league harmony.

That being said, within the next few weeks everyone is going to realize the same thing: stream pitchers facing the Marlins and especially the Giants are as good as gold. All those four and five starters that are floating around the NL are going to face these teams, oftentimes in cavernous home stadiums such as PETCO. This year, more than any other, a four-man rotation with the fifth starter streaming is completely viable.

My prediction that the Giants won't score five or more runs more than 30 times might have been a bit bold, but then again, they haven't done it yet.


I got it wrong in yesterday's fantasy errata column; Harden wasn't pushed back a day, his start was skipped entirely. Those of you who capitalized and traded him, congratulations. We have no reason to expect that he will quickly recover and bounce back onto the mound. Maybe he looked at what the A's did to Zito, Hudson, and Mulder, and has chosen not to pitch through injuries.

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Glenn said...

You say you hate streamers, but don't give any reasoning. You say it destroys the integrity of rosters... how?

How are waiver-wire races counter-productive to league harmony?

I'm curious to hear why streaming bothers you so. I love adding and dropping players. I'm consistently making tons of transactions, because I love action, movement, playing the hot hand, etc. I'm curious to hear what's so terrible about that.