Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am a bad fantasy manager

I have Jose Reyes in my weekly-lineup money league. Lineups were due Sunday night, and I decided to bench Reyes, who had missed a few days with a sore hammy, since there was still no definite word on when he might return to the lineup. (He was hoping for Tuesday, but all players hope to be back as soon as possible. Doesn't mean they will be.) Since I'm losing ground in stolen bases, I decided to start Joey Gathright in my OF in an attempt to not get too far behind in that category. Gathright had been starting because David DeJesus was injured, and there was no recent hint that DeJesus's return was imminent. Seemed like he would be out -- and thus Gathright in -- at least a handful more days.

All rational decisions, right? Well, then Monday came, and DeJesus was magically back in the Royals lineup. Great. So much for Gathright seeing much playing time this week. Then Tuesday comes, and, sure enough, Reyes is back at the top of the Mets lineup card ... and proceeds to go 4-for-5 (though he was caught stealing for the second time this year). The guy I started in his stead, Bobby Crosby, was predictably 0-for-4. Now I'm going to be stewing about my ill-conceived lineup all the way until next Monday. And, oh, how I hate to be forced to stew.

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