Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I need two CCs of a rebounding pitcher, stat!

C.C. tied his career tonight with 11 strikeouts (in only five innings!). I've got to think with a pitch count in the low 100s, we've seen the last of him. A sparkling 1.00 WHIP and no earned runs round out a Cy Young award-winner caliber start (lot of adjectives, there).

I acquired him, and ended up trading him -- after this start, thankfully -- for Mariano Rivera. I'm regretting it a bit, but that's how trades work. I needed the saves and Ks from an RP more so than the chance of a Sabathia rebound.

For you Sabathia owners, hope you stuck with him. This must be a balm to your savaged nerves.

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