Monday, April 7, 2008

Jake Peavy: Gaylord?

What is this mysterious substance on Jake Peavy's hand?


Does this pitch have a little too much movement?

Either Peavy needs to learn the fundamentals of toilet paper usage, or something is rotten in the state of PETCO. Was that stadium, and facing Juan Pierre three times, not enough of an advantage for Jake Peavy as he two-hit the Dodgers en route to eight Ks and a win?

Thanks to for their investigative work and supplying the image/video.


Hoodlumman said...

My guess is it's dirt.

Mike Bock said...

It could be dirt ... or the dried blood of sacrificial goats!

Anonymous said...

that certainly isn't rosen. why would he only have dirt on those 3 fingers?