Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jimmy Rollins: Broken wheel?

Scuttlebutt on the Intertron is that Jimmy Rollins has a broken ankle. Nice job letting him dick around on it for a week and a half, Philadelphia Management.

If this is true, he's gone for another month or two and may not be all that effective when he gets back (given the immobilization it requires). If you were sitting on a buy-low trade offer, it may actually be a sell-high at this point.


Don Ford said...

Where are you hearing this from? If it's true, it could mean a possible fall from first place for me.

I've been dominating my roto league without him, but Jeff Kippinger isn't going to be a good enough solution if this is long term.

Mike Bock said...

I think the original story was the Philadelphia Inquirer, or some such. It will get picked up by Rotoworld any moment now (if it hasn't already).