Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Line of the Day: Geovany Soto

I hate to use the term "man crush" -- it's something the writers at Yahoo say a lot. But I must tell you, I drafted Geovany Soto in two of my three fantasy leagues this year, including my all-important money league, and he's starting to make me feel kind of funny in parts of my body not normally associated with fantasy baseball. Anyone else loving this guy in a totally unhealthy way?

Geovany Soto: 2-for-4, 2 runs, 2 HR, 6 RBI

(By the way, this kind of makes up for all those strikeouts Soto had the other day, huh?)


Mike Bock said...

I only got Soto in the "big money" league. I've already ordered my "GVNY4EVR" license plate.

David said...

Perhaps you fine folks here at Fantasy Hurler could develop a better-sounding version of Yahoo's "man crush" and apply it to Mr. Soto. I took him in the eighteenth round of one of my drafts, and it has turned out to be the most beautiful thing. This was the same round other owners took such notables as Carlos Delgado, Adrian Beltre, Jeremy Bonderman (Mr. Bock's favorite), Rich Harden, and Kenji Johjima. All things considered, how can one help but develop "funny" feelings for Mr. Soto in parts of the body not otherwise associated with fantasy baseball?