Thursday, April 3, 2008

Line of the Day: Johnny Cueto

I don't give a shit what happens the rest of the day, I'm not changing my mind.

Johnny Cueto: 7 IP, 1 ER, 1 H, 0 BB, 10 K for the W

Umm, you may want to go put in a waiver request for him now.


Don Ford said...

I put in my waiver request after the 4th inning. I didn't need to see anymore.

I have the #1 spot, so I'll definatly be getting Cueto and dropping Mark Lowe.

Oh, Mark Lowe, I hardly even knew ya buddy.

Bob Taylor said...

I watched that game. He looked absolutely FILTHY.

Mike Bock said...

So that's who Johnny Cueto is!

While Cueto is well worth picking up or placing a waiver claim, I have to cautiously remind everyone that rookie starters live up to their hype, or even their first few starts (before anyone has seen them) about one out of every thirty times.

I see Mark Teahen went deep. With dual eligibility, he should be added in any league in which an owner was foolish enough to drop him.

Bob Taylor said...

Mike, did a starting pitcher once sleep with your wife?! You hate rookie starters. You hate overworked starters. And no pitcher can possibly improve on their career average. Does that about cover it for you?

I pretty much won my money league in '06 'cause I claimed Jered Weaver off waivers and picked up Cole Hamels after another manager claimed him but then dropped him after a few early rough outings. Sometimes rookie pitchers work out just fine.

waters96 said...

I share your caution about rookie pitchers.

I like Teahen, too, but Yahoo leagues are so shallow, I'm already leaving other studs out there like Billy Butler and Jose Guillen from Mark's own team. It's kinda killing me.

Mike Bock said...

I love starters! And, thus far, I love Cueto!

If I had Cueto, what I'd love even more is to package him with C.C. Sabathia for Jake Peavy or Johan Santana.

waters96 said...

Would you drop any of the following to pick Cueto up in a 12 team mixed league Yahoo format.

Big Unit?

Mike Bock said...

I'd drop Arroyo twice.

Bob Taylor said...

Maybe not Wainwright. But I'd cut the rest of them for Cueto in a heartbeat.

(Although, I'd try my best to leave Unit stashed in a DL spot for a start or two, see how he does.)

waters96 said...

I got Cueto in two out of my fours leagues, but alas, I didn’t get him in my money league. Had to drop Pedro in one of my leagues to bag him because I already have a line-up of three DL’d guys there, including Putz and B.J. Ryan.