Monday, April 14, 2008

Miggy gets quote of the day honors

ESPN has a nice article up today where the Tigers all talk about how freakin' terrible they are. My favorite quote is from Miguel Cabrera (who's just killing the abortion of a team I'm fielding in my Bloggers League). Miggy says:

"I feel embarrassed right now. I'm disappointed with what I'm doing right now on the field. ... I'm swinging at bad pitches. It's bad. I'm playing bad. ... I feel bad. I feel like everybody's behind me, laughing."

If it makes you feel any better Miggy, I'm not behind you laughing. I'm behind you in tears, weeping miserably over the spot you've put my Bloggers League team in. (At the moment, last place -- an astounding, embarrassing 22 points out of next-to-last place.)

1 comment:

Hoodlumman said...

As the owner of MCab in a long term keeper's league, I've decided to call him Maggie Cabrera until he stops trying to hit with his purse.

Snap out of it, Maggie!