Thursday, April 3, 2008

Playometer: Pedro and Oliver

Cooling Off

Pedro tweaks his hamstring and is gone for four to six weeks? Huh? How does that work? He finished last year with better than a K per inning, looked decent, and supposedly had an entire offseason to get ready. More than one fantasy owner was snookered into spending a mid-round pick --round ten? did it happen to you? -- on him. Well, he's basically out until mid May, at best. He should have spent less time playing fantasy cock fighting and more time working on his legs.

Heating Up

Oliver Perez looked wicked. He's never going to recreate the fastball he had back in 2004, but it looks like he's hitting the low 90s after a few years in the mid 80s. Combine that with the Mickey Mouse slider and funky delivery, and he can flat-out dominate.

Look at last year's numbers: they were pretty darned good. Better than 17th-round material, which is where most pundits placed him. He's playing for the right team in a division that boasts a few atrocious lineups. Eight Ks in six innings? That's nothing new. One walk? YES! Ignore the fact that he had an ERA for a WHIP a few years back and see if you can put your grubby paws on him.

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Bob Taylor said...

Yeah, Mike, I have Oliver on both of my fantasy teams, too. I was 100% totally sold on the guy coming into this year, and it was quite a relief to see him show such stunningly good control last night.

I'm getting the sense that Ollie's gonna get more blowjobs from this site than he's ever gotten from baseball groupies.