Friday, April 11, 2008

Playometer: Russell Martin versus Soto and McCann

Cooling Off

If you're a Russell Martin owner (in which case, I guess you didn't listen to us) you must be very, very worried by now. It's early, but with only one stolen base, I'm starting to wonder whether he'll reach 15, let alone 20. It's not as though he's a Jose Reyes-type who can rattle off seven in four games if the mood strikes him. His four runs, three RBI, and zero home runs are offset by a blistering .103 batting average. There are a lot of early round draft picks getting off to slow starts, but for a guy projected to go in the first three rounds, that's ugly. If you can move him for Soto and a closer or useful position player, I'd do it. I've watched most of the televised Dodger games, and he looks lost at the plate and not particularly aggressive when he does get on. Which is strange, considering that the Dodgers lineup needs players to take extra bases whenever possible.

Heating Up

Trading quality for depth is almost never a good idea. Nor is "selling low." Nevertheless, I'd sell Russell Martin for two useful players: a backstop who has a decent chance of outperforming him, and another player who'll represent an upgrade for your team.

Geovany Soto is looking pretty damned good in the early going. Two home runs, a .333 batting average, and the Cubs are starting to look like the team we thought we'd see last year.

I would trade Russell Martin for Brian McCann straight up. Two home runs, batting in the mid .300s ... you're probably wishing you'd waited a few rounds and drafted him.

Victor Martinez has been hurt, so his .427 average in 12 at-bats doesn't mean much. If you can package Russell Martin with an overperforming closer/starter and get him, do it!


Hoodlumman said...

I packaged Martin, Byrnes and Bedard and a draft pick for Soriano in a keeper league then drafted Soto about the 15th.


Now only if Soriano would start beating the crap out of some baseballs.

Bob Taylor said...

I want to know when Jason Kendall's going under the "Heating Up" label. He's up to .538 now!


Mike Bock said...


That's a pretty remarkable trade, hoodlummman. Congrats on moving Martin.