Friday, April 18, 2008

Rich Hill yanked for pitching pretty well

Interesting what the Cubs did today. They yanked Rich Hill after five pretty solid innings (3 hits, 3 BB, 1 ER, 4 K, 82 pitches), presumably because they're trying to mend his fragile psyche and wanted this to be a game to build on. (As opposed to another step backward, which is what it could have been had he come out and got shellacked in the sixth.)

Hill looked like he might have caught a case of the yips this spring, when he was unable to throw strikes. He did okay in his first start of the season but appeared lost in his second. The Cubs skipped his turn in the rotation and briefly sent him to the bullpen (though he never entered a game) before sending him back to the mound at the start of the Pirates game today. (And who better to get back on track against than the Pirates?)

I own Hill in my bloggers league and was happy to see him throw fairly well today. Hopefully he gets the win, and hopefully this is indeed his first step toward rediscovering his '07 form. Probably a smart move by Piniella to pull him a bit early.


Mike Bock said...

Piniella showing the rest of MLB how to handle young pitchers?

Didn't see that coming.

Anonymous said...

gets the Win, gets some confidence. Well Done, Lou.

Bob Taylor said...

And I actually started him today, which is something I doubt most of his owners did. (The guy who has him in my money league sat him.)

So do I take credit for having gigantic balls ... or do I admit that I figured, well, my team ERA is 5.51 and my WHIP 1.61 -- can Rich Hill really make it any worse?

Bob Taylor said...

BTW, the Rotowire note for him says: "He needed 82 pitches to get through the five innings, while 46 were thrown for strikes and he issued three free passes. Hill hasn't completely turned the corner, but since he was able to limit the damage on Friday he'll likely stick in the rotation."

I watched this game, and I thought he looked better than they lead on. Yeah, he still struggled some with the strike zone, but he also had his curve really working today.