Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Scribbles on a notepad

I once again flip through my notebook of scribbles to see if there's anything y'all might find useful.

-- Take away Bengie Molina's two home runs; Giants have one home run amongst everyone else. Take away Molina's seven RBI, the rest of the team has ten in eight games. Vegas's 72.5 win projection is looking like the greatest "under" bet in history.

-- Rowand 6th? Giants pay premium salaries to bottom of the order hitters and #4 starters. Frandsen and Lewis that much worse than Rowand and Winn, for pennies on the dollar?

-- Todd Wellemeyer starts two games against the Giants in the next week, or so. May have turned the corner. Begun this stream war has.

-- Kemp, Pierre, Jones, and Ethier owner are going to be irritated by Torre all year long.

-- Kuroda: best pitcher likely available in 50%+ leagues?

-- Joe Saunders: now 100% owned?

-- Great American Ballpark v. Cueto. Cincinnati the new Colorado in terms of pitcher psyches?

-- Seattle has no true DH, lots of veterans who know how to deal with the media, and high expectations that are not being met. Barry Bonds watch begins?

-- Dodgers have two players I'm more worried about than Pierre in terms of underperforming expectations: Russell Martin and Andruw Jones.

-- Reyes and Ramirez: One steal and two home runs for Hanley. Zero for Reyes, who hasn't stolen a base in 20+ games. Trade for them.


Anonymous said...

Seattle needs Bonds. Can't you just feel the chemistry between him and Sexson? MAGIC.

waters96 said...

I'm going for the Wellemeyer stream on Frisco. Thanks.