Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scribbles on a notepad

Here are another collection of jottings found in my handy "fantasy baseball notepad" that is always on my desk at work (hidden under real work):

-- Ian Stewart was called up today [incorrect: see below], and Garrett Atkins may be moving to second base in the near future. Garrett Atkins would probably have been a first-round or early second-round pick if second base eligible. Ian Stewart is one of the best prospects in all of baseball. They wouldn't have called him up to sit, would they? (I own Garrett Atkins in all three leagues in which I'm participating. He looked fine at second base last night.)

[apparently Ian Stewart "might be called up this week" according to the Denver Post and several fantasy websites, but hasn't been called up yet. Still worth keeping an eye on.]

-- Jorge Cantu isn't giving up his job to Wes Helms anytime soon.

-- Miguel Cabrera will stay third base eligible for next year, but in 2009, probably will be "1B" only. Still awesome, but that's a 10-15% drop in value.

-- All the relief pitchers I've owned this year, in any league, at any point:

Joakim Soria
Matt Capps
Mariano Rivera
C.J. Wilson
Brian Wilson
Manny Corpas
Manny Acosta
Scot Shields
B.J. Ryan
Justin Speier
David Riske
Jeremy Accardo
Peter Moylan
Masa Kobayashi
Joey Devine
Brandon Lyon
Jon Rauch

These pitchers have combined for approximately 100 innings, and gave me three wins (two from Jon Rauch, and one from Brandon Lyon). In my money league, Soria, Rivera, Capps, Wilson, the other Wilson, and Manny Acosta have contributed a big goose egg.

If you tried to do that horribly in the win department, you couldn't do it.


Jeremy said...

What's your source on the Ian Stewart callup? Have seen it speculated but nothing official anywhere that I can find.

Anonymous said...

Quintinilla and Herrerra got called up. I don't see anything about Stewart getting called up.

Tulo hasn't hit the DL yet though. And what makes you think Atkins will play at 2B?

Herrerra and Quintinilla are both 2B

Mike Bock said...

Several places are reporting that Ian Stewart "might be called up" this week. I could have sworn I saw late last night (between Grand Theft Auto IV sessions) that he was definitely being called up today. Argh.

Atkins played second base last night and did fine. He's not a particularly lumbering player, physically. In his MLB career, he's moved to the other side of the diamond to play first base, and in his minor league career, he also played some outfield. He only needs five starts or ten appearances at second base to qualify in Yahoo (even less in some leagues), and if Ian Stewart comes up, I think he gets them sooner or later.

Quintinilla and Herrerra are of no fantasy relevance. If Stewart is called up, Atkins has to play somewhere.

Bob Taylor said...

Making precision 90-degree turns is now a total bitch.

Oh, wait -- I thought we were talking GTA IV.

Anonymous said...

Atkins will not be playing second base again. That was an emergency situation caused by Baker and Tulowitzki both getting hurt on the same day.

Mike Bock said...

We'll see. If Stewart comes up, he and Atkins have to play somewhere.

Ten appearances is an incredibly liberal rule.