Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Detroit-Tigers-sucking shit is getting old

My suck-ass Bloggers League team dropped another nine points yesterday. I now sit 13 points behind the team in 11th, good for the biggest points gap in the standings. Monday, I blamed some early pitching disasters, but now I've decided it's all Miguel Cabrera and Edgar Renteria's fault. Cabrera's batting average is down to .100 and he's still stuck on that one measly RBI he picked up with an Opening Day home run. Renteria's hitting .200 and has yet to score. How can I compete with my number-one draft pick and starting shortstop showing this level of ineptitude? Jim Leyland already knows the answer -- I CAN'T.

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Hoodlumman said...

I have MCab in a couple leagues. It hurts.

The Tigers are about all citizens of Detroit have going for them these days. Maybe Kwame Kilpatrick will off another stripper and take the winless Tigers off of the front page soon.