Wednesday, April 23, 2008


BABIP is a wonderful, wonderful stat. It's "batting average on balls in play." It helps you determine whether a pitcher or hitter is getting lucky ... or unlucky.

C.C. Sabathia, until yesterday, had a BABIP in the low .400s. That's insane. Sure, he wasn't pitching very well, but he wasn't catching a single break either. His counterpart on the offensive side is Corey Patterson.

I was looking for a reason for Corey Patterson's recent slump. Well, believe it or not, he's not really slumping. He's just the most unlucky hitter I've ever seen. His BABIP is below .200. Holy crap. I can't find anyone else that low with as many at-bats as he's had (about 60). He's only struck out three times! His line-drive percentage has dropped, but still, my heart goes out to poor Patterson. To put it in perspective, his career norm is just above .300, which is in the normal range.

Okay, I've decided to hold on to Patterson and see if he stops hitting the ball right at defenders.

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