Thursday, April 10, 2008


Looking around the world of fantasy baseball, these are the most oddball early season numbers that can't continue:

-- Mark Reynolds will not hit 150ish home runs.

-- Lance Berkman will not steal 45+ stolen bases. (Fat Elvis is running wild!)

-- George Sherrill will not save 100+ games.

-- Johnny Cueto will not walk on water, heal lepers, or outperform Johan Santana.

-- Justin Germano will not continue to have a 0.00 ERA with no wins to show for it. Something will change.

-- Brian Bannister may be one of the winningest pitchers looking at the latter half of 2007 and early 2008, but that can't continue. Can it?

-- Jose Reyes will not finish the season with zero stolen bases.

-- Prince "I defecate on those who took me in the first round" Fielder will eventually hit a home run.

-- [Insert struggling closer here] will not finish the season with [insert ridiculously bloated ERA here].

-- Bengie Molina will not hit two-thirds of his team's home runs. Then again ...

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