Monday, April 7, 2008

We've got Bases Loaded on the Wii

Bases Loaded was not the best baseball game ever to grace the Nintendo Entertainment System. That would be Baseball Stars, otherwise known as the greatest sports videogame in the history of the universe. Bases Loaded would also not be the second best NES representation of America's favorite pastime. That would be RBI Baseball (the original fat-guy version, not the shitty sequels where all the players were in shape and stuff).

Bases Loaded, however, is indeed the third best NES baseball game of all time -- not too shabby -- and I still remember whooping and hollering when I came home from school one day to find it sitting on my kitchen table. (My mom must have pre-ordered it.) Bases Loaded was one of the first baseball games where you were able to pitch and swing in a full nine quadrants (high and outside, low and inside, etc.). The music was friggin' awesome. And there was also that magical moment when you realized that some batters, when beaned, would actually charge the mound to pummel the pitcher! Aah, good times.

And now you can relive them because Bases Loaded was released for the Wii's Virtual Console today. If this shit was online, I'd be challenging you all to nine innings of play tonight. (But only if I got to be D.C.! That team was awesome.)


jimhalberg said...

Ah, Baseball Stars. Searching for terrible players to pick up because they had high ceilings - then playing the Lovely Ladies 1000 times in a row to build them up (highest payout for the win since they had the most "prestige").

If I recall correctly that was also the game where we quickly had to outlaw intentionally getting into pickles -- each time the fielders tossed it they took a step closer and when they threw it to each other from 3 or 4 steps away, they'd end up throwing it to the wall.

Good times.

Mike Bock said...

RBI Baseball was number one; all others are number two, or lower.

Bob Taylor said...

Sacrilege!!! Nothing beats Baseball Stars. NOTHING.

And Jim is right. There was nothing better than beating the crap out of the Lovely Ladies to earn some easy cash and boost your stats. Not that I ever felt bad. Those bitches had it comin'.

jimhalberg said...

I can hear the music from RBI playing in my head right now.

This video is awesome. Make sure to watch/fast-forward to see Buckner at the end.

Mike Bock said...

I didn't click on the video, but is it the recreation of the infamous Mets' comeback involving Buckner's five hole?

jimhalberg said...


I had seen it a long time back but found it right away on good ole' YouTube.

Bob Taylor said...

Yeah, that vid is old but awesome.

When I was like 12, I spent a vacation week at the beach holed up in our hotel room doing nothing but playing a rented copy of RBI Baseball.

Perhaps that's why today I'm running this blog and fretting about C.C. Sabathia's stats instead of out bangin' supermodels and searching for lost treasure. said...

Great post - had to tell you - although you can't play 2-player mode, you totally CAN play these games online without any fancy downloads!

RBI Baseball:

SNK Baseball Stars:

Bases Loaded 3:

Keep up the great posts!