Friday, April 18, 2008

What should have happened between Farnsworth and Ramirez

Whatever happened to batters getting pissed off at pitchers throwing at their heads and trying to maim them?

I am scouring the series of tubes that comprise the interwebs in search of the glorious Kyle Farnsworth v. Paul Wilson fight video (the one where Farnsworth charges the plate, body slams Wilson, and bloodies the crap out of him), but the intellectual property storm troopers of MLB appear to have done a pretty good job erasing it from the public domain. Tale of the tape: Farnsworth has a history of goonish behavior, and despite the silly glasses he's a big, ferocious dude with a wrestling and football background. In the other corner, Manny Ramirez is actually pretty cut underneath that ridiculously baggy uniform he wears.

In any event, until I can find the Farnsworth/Wilson beatdown, content yourself with this collection of the ten supposed "best fights" in MLB history (without the Roseboro clubbing and Farnsworth tackle, I have to disagree):

I love number eight. Aaron Sele not only makes George Bell look foolish with his sideways dodge, but Bell then gets blindsided by the very solid looking Mo Vaughn.

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Anonymous said...

Ferocious Farnsworth will get his spine shattered by a handful of Southies on July 3rd. Cust Sayin.