Friday, April 4, 2008

Yahoo now rates matchups

Yahoo fantasy football players will be familiar with the site's matchup ratings, which take an educated guess on how well your players will perform that week and assign a one-through-five-star rating to them. (The whole thing's supposedly based on a buttload of past statistical data -- how your guy has previously performed against that team, how good the opposing team's passing or running D is this year, stuff like that.)

Well, this year, Yahoo fantasy baseball players are getting matchup ratings too ... and seemingly on a daily basis. Go to News & Expert Advice, then click on Matchup Ratings to see how your team is projected to fare in tomorrow's games. In addition to the stars, you'll get little scouting notes. For tomorrow, Yahoo is informing me that Brad Hawpe is batting .647 against Brendan Webb since last year. And that current Blue Jays have five strikeouts in 17 at-bats vs. Clay Buchholz last season. It's a handy, easy-to-use research tool for daily-leaguers faced with tough lineup decisions. (Just don't always expect it to be right. Those damn stars have screwed me in football more times than I feel like counting ...)

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