Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yahoo shenanigans

-- Max Scherzer is apparently getting the start next Monday in favor of Edgar Gonzalez. This just keeps getting worse and worse for attentive Yahoo owners. Perhaps the only reason that people wouldn't use a high waiver pick on Scherzer was the fear that he'd be used as a middle reliever for the indefinite future. Now? He's probably going with the number-one waiver pick in 90+% of leagues.

-- Jeff Clement was called up today. He has 157 games at catcher and 60 games as a DH in his minor-league career (which began in 2005). So where is he eligible? UTIL. Of course, that makes sense. He'll probably get his five games started/10 appearances eventually, but since he's available now, I'd want to grab him and put him at catcher, not have him sit on my bench for two or three weeks. Dude can mash with a .824 career OPS in the minor leagues and 1.227 this year.

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Quintilian B. Nasty said...

And I feel the pain of probably not getting Scherzer. I have the number 2 waiver priority in my league, and I'm sure the dude with number 1 priority will use it.