Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ask the Hurler: Wilson for Bourn?

Don Ford asks:

I was just offered C.J. Wilson for Micheal Bourn (eight-team 5x5 roto). I don't really NEED saves or steals. I have plenty of other closers, but I also have Juan Pierre. Should I pull the trigger? Maybe I can flip Wilson to another team for an upgrade at Catcher or 3B?

Bob Taylor answers:

Don, this sounds like the perfect time to try and make two trades at once. Personally, I wouldn't trade Bourn for Wilson, especially if you've already got saves covered, UNLESS you can immediately flip Wilson for a catcher or third baseman.

So before you pull the trigger on this trade, why not start approaching other managers in the league who do need a closer? If you find a trade there that works, make a handshake deal, and then go swap Bourn for Wilson. But there's no need to make that trade unless you've got something else already lined up.


Don Ford said...

good idea, thanks

Would you consider V Mart a good buy-low candidate?

I have Ryan Dommit at Catcher. Would V-Mart even be an upgrade?

Bob Taylor said...

It could have been worth buying low on V-Mart right when Doumit got hurt. But the press here in Pittsburgh has Doumit ahead of schedule in his recovery and expected to be playing again real soon. At this point, you might has well wait on him. Shit, he may be back in the Pirates starting lineup before V-Mart gets that elusive first home run.

Hoodlumman said...

Also, Don, try and consider joining a more typical 12 team league to really boost the value of players and drafting so you can get a super idea of position scarcity and needs.

It'll be awesome!

Don Ford said...

I'd love to play in a 12 team league if I could find 12 guys to donate $50 each to me. Unfortunately, this year I could only find 8 in one league and 10 in another. I'll just have to settle for dominating both of those leagues. (12 point lead in the roto, 11 game lead in the head 2 head)