Friday, May 16, 2008

Cueto treading where Nuke LaLoosh has gone before

Johnny C. had an interesting line today -- he gave up three hits, three earned runs and three homers. The kid sure is susceptible to the long ball. Still, today he was good enough the rest of the time for the win.

Anyway, during the game, the Reds announcers talked a lot about a meeting this week during which Dusty Baker ordered Cueto not to shake off his catcher anymore. Apparently, the Reds coaches believe Cueto's recent troubles may have stemmed from the fact that he worries too much about what pitch to throw. (Either that or Cueto just plain sucks at pitch selection.) Regardless, it will be Bako (or Ross) calling the shots from here on out when Cueto's on the mound, a setup that worked fairly well today.

But if Cueto starts ignoring his catcher again, will Bako go all Crash Davis on him and tip the batter off to what's coming?

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