Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fantasy Errata: Morning After Edition

I'm feeling a bit better, so here are a few additional thoughts on the last few days:

-- I meant to do a big write-up on Brad Penny's disastrous 10-earned-run, May 7th effort, but the notion vanished like tears in rain. Penny's a notorious first-half pitcher, so it's a bit troubling that he'd be so bad so early. Ten runs takes a long, long time to erase off a team's ERA.

-- Eddie Guardado picked up the save last night. I've already added him in leagues with big benches. (I also own Joaquin Benoit.) Why not? C.J. Wilson's done well in save chances but bad overall. His K rate is bad, and his BB rate is worse. A change is in the air.

-- Notable second-half pitchers: Javier Vazquez (scary), and Johan Santana (even scarier).

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