Monday, May 5, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Erratic pitchers of the world, unite! Chad Billingsley and Oliver Perez face off tomorrow. Many an owner will be chugging Maalox and sneaking peeks at their computer screens.

-- Example 10,138 of why fantasy baseball drives me crazy: I cut Mike Jacobs, reasoning his hand injury is probably going to linger. The next day he hits a homer. I then decide I've had enough of Gary Matthews Jr. sodomizing my batting average, so I pick Jacobs back up. Matthews, Jr. hits a home run today. Gargh.

-- Did you write off Franklin Gutierrez? He's quietly turning his season around. Keep an eye on him.

-- Brandon Inge is now 3B/OF/C in Yahoo leagues. That's some awesome eligibility right there. If he had a regular spot to play, he'd be the second coming of Ryan Doumit. If I had room, I'd stash him and hope for an injury somewhere on the Tigers lineup. Considering how grizzled with eld that roster is, it's a fair gamble.

-- Curtis Granderson has, what, five home runs six days? Umm, I'd actually sell high. If you could swap him out for a struggling Prince Fielder or Jose Reyes, do it.

-- Other sell high candidates: Rafael Furcal and Albert Pujols. Pujols's elbow injury isn't going away. You received one healthy month. You may get five more, or you may get three more. Or you may get one more game. The issue was never whether he'd produce, it's whether he takes one awkward swing and is gone for the year. Furcal is simply outperforming his career norms across the board.

-- I can't believe Tampa Bay let Scott Kazmir throw 90 pitches.


waters96 said...

Should I start toad Oliver Perez tonight?

Mike Bock said...

Yes. Spin the wheel of Oliver Perez with me!

waters96 said...

Trying to stream Oliver Perez is near impossible, but I think I hate him as much or more of any player I've ever had.

Mike Bock said...

Yes, yes. Feel the hate flow through you. With every Oliver Perez start, you become more ... errr, what was I talking about?

Bob Taylor said...

Against all reason, I'm starting Oliver Perez tonight in both leagues I own him in. Although, I'm not going anywhere near that game's score until just before I go to bed. Too stressful.

waters96 said...

I started him in both leagues in which I own him. I fucking hate Oliver Perez!