Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fantasy Errata

This is going to be a short Fantasy Errata. I'm too hammered (on a worknight!) from pounding Goose Island Stockyard Oatmeal Stout and Stone R.I.S. to think much on today's events.

-- Rich Hill was demoted. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I know the WHIP is high, but the Ks were there and the ERA was coming around. Despite his early season troubles, I considered him the third or fourth best starter I had on two of my fantasy teams. Wow. Didn't see that coming. If he's dropped in your league, go grab him. Maybe there really is a mechanical issue they want him to work on. Or maybe they think it's mental.

-- Oliver Perez is getting one more start from me. Then I'm benching him in favor of Sanchez for the rest of May. If at the end of May he hasn't turned it around, he's gone. I watched his entire game tonight. He actually only threw five or six bad pitches, but they're ones you really can't get away with. And he didn't. If he doesn' get guys to swing and miss, he eventually walks them or leaves one over the plate. It's maddening. If he actually is throwing his slider anywhere near the plate, he dominates. But, that apparently only happens once every three or four starts.

-- Adam Dunn is slowly heating up. Buy low, folks.

-- A player like Chris B. Young can eat you alive in batting average, and you don't even realize it because the homers and stolen bases look so good. Before you know it, it's the middle of May, and you have a team batting average of .260. You can right the ship in batting average, but it's got to be done before June. By that point, trading two low average sluggers isn't going to solve the problem.

-- Were you torn in your league between Jeter and Tulowitzki? How'd your choice work out for you.


waters96 said...

I started Oliver Perez in both leagues in which I own him. I fucking hate Oliver Perez!

Anonymous said...

Berkman for President! 4/4 with 2 more SBs tonight!?!? Wow.

I got to go order my "WWLBD?" t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

check that: 5/5, 4 runs, 2 SBs!

Anonymous said...

shit, these comments were supposed to be attached to the ESPN Rankings article.

Anonymous said...

Did Alou just steal home? Now I've seen it all!