Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- You ever just had one of those days? I benched LaRoche, facing Giants lefty Jonathan Sanchez, who I started), to see him hit a home run and watch Sanchez get lit up for seven runs. I cut his ass immediately. Chris Young on the road at Philadelphia gets hammered. Okay, I should have seen that one coming. Adam LaRoche, coming off his typically putrid April, is now the hot "must add" if you need CI power.

-- If you own Jair Jurrjens, I'd keep him to the All-Star break then get ready to cut him or trade him. There's no way he's going 200 innings.

-- Every fiber of my fantasy baseball honed mind tells me that Gavin Floyd and Scott Olsen can't, won't, and shouldn't keep this up. I have to keep the faith.

-- Oakland's Santiago Casilla ever going to allow a run? He and Soria must have a bet going to see who'd be the last reliever with double digit innings per month to let someone cross home plate. Huston Street gets traded, Casilla looks like he's going to my man from Amsterdam.

-- The Dodgers are winning even though they keep playing Andruw Jones instead of Andre Ethier. Juan Pierre has turned into, well, Juan Pierre back when he was a useful fantasy commodity (though he still sucks in real life). If Pierre was dropped, grab him.

-- Sidney Ponson is now 2-0 with great ratios (through two starts). There's just no justice in this world. Meanwhile, Aaron Harang is 1-5 with great ratios. If I was Harang, it's time to take a bat to the lockers of some recalcitrant mofos who refuse to hit for me.

-- Andy Sonnanstine is 5-1. There is almost nothing palatable about him as a fantasy pitcher in mixed leagues.


Steve said...

I have had one of those days as it happens. How does 3-32 with a run and two RBIs sound? Good for an .094 AVE and a .118 OBP. And just before games started I benched Jack Cust for Melky Cabrera. Cust facing a lefty, Cabrera a solid record against Carmona. Reasonable thinking, no? Melky of corse goes 0-4, Cust 2-4. Not that it would have saved my hitting today.
Broxton (Hold) and Saito Save) meant it wasn't a complete disaster...

Steve said...

Oh - and just to top things off, Howard came in as a pinch hitter and struck out.


Dan said...

Drop Pence for Pierre?

Bob Taylor said...

Why so down on Sonnanstine, Mike? He wins because he doesn't walk many batters and plays for a good team. (In the minors, his strikeout-to-walk ration was excellent.) The Rays were big on Sonnanstine when they called him up last season, so I see no reason he can't be a serviceable fantasy starter for someone needing a back-of-the-rotation guy. Yesterday morning I cut Lannan for him in my money league.

huey said...

I like Sonnastine as well, his peripherals resemble James Shields before he busted out.

I need to cut Adam Jones or Lastings Milledge and get the other on my bench. Who would you rather cut?

Bob Taylor said...

Adam Jones. In fact, I did cut him this year! (Even if you're not in an OBP league, that .274 OBP of his is intolerable. He's just not making things happen.)

huey said...

Thanks Bob, It is an OBP league and I was leaning that way, but thought perhaps Jones had more potential. I had Mclouth rated ahead of Jones in my 12 team auction and no one took him. Ah the joys of an auction, I might be in 1st instead of 3rd in my money league with Mclouth.