Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- WWJVD? Hit three home runs, steal a base, crush Jon Lieber, see him driven before him, and hear the lamentations of Chicago's women.

-- Mike Jacobs pulled something today (probably a quadriceps -- that's the injury de jure). I'm benching him in favor of Jorge Cantu for a few days.

-- It's always interesting to see a reliever go 1.2+ innings, allow no hits or walks, yet blow a save. George Sherrill owners in "net saves" leagues are pissed right about now.

-- Kevin Youkilis has never had more than 16 home runs in a year (that always surprises me). After today's two-HR effort, he has six. Not exactly a "buy low" target at this point, unfortunately.

-- Randy Wolf owners, don't you love it when managers let pitchers load the bases before pulling them? You can almost see the indifference in relievers' eyes when they come into a game inheriting base runners.

-- Mike Napoli pretty much needs to be added in any league where folks can carry two catchers. I mean, eight home runs? Garsh, I wish basically ANYONE ON ANY OF MY TEAMS had that many. Why is he batting eighth? And just how good is Mathis's defense? Actually, it doesn't matter hwo good it is, Napoli should be playing every night. I'm starting to wonder about Scioscia. Garret Anderson and/or Vlad Guerrero need to suck it up and admit they can't play the field anymore. DH time, clowns. Guerrero is a very old 32, and Juan Rivera is rotting away because the Angels coaching staff lets veterans dictate managerial decisions.

-- Another save for Manny Acosta. Smoltz and Soriano aren't back yet, folks. I wouldn't give Acosta away for peanuts until they show they're healthy.

-- Vicente Padilla hasn't had a quality year since 2003. He also plays in Texas.

-- Shane Victorino, dropped in so many leagues, is quietly playing ... like he's worth picking up. Three stolen bases in limited time, plus lead-off for the Phillies, not too shabby.

-- In leagues with very restrictive IP limits or "holds" as a category, J.C. Romero has become a bit of a crafty pick-up. You want guys with good ratios who don't rack up the innings. Romero is basically a super duper LOOGY at this point, and that's what you're looking for.

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