Friday, May 9, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Regular readers of this column will recall that I'm not a big fan of Manager John "Pitch 'em till they drop" McClaren of the Seattle Mariners. Back on April 27th, he left Felix in for the eighth inning of a game in which he'd already thrown 90+ pitches. The King promptly defecates all over his great effort, loading the bases and allowing a few runs.

I bemoaned McClaren allowing Felix to throw 117, 115, 110, and 115 pitches despite it being April ... and Felix being 22 ... and the fact that Hernandez broke down last April. Well, what's happened since that article? Hernandez allowed six runs and 15 base runners in five-ish innings against New York. Okay, that was on the road ... maybe it was a one time thing.

Tonight Felix threw 112 pitches. He was lit up in the first two innings. It's now a pattern, folks. Great. The Rangers aren't the Yankees in terms of working counts and wearing out pitchers. Hernandez owners have a problem on their hands.

-- A lot of bloggers and reporters are down on Sexson charging the mound. I'm not. I don't think hitters charge the mound enough when balls are coming near their head. That pitch was purposeful. If it was anywhere near the plate, it was because Gabbard missed. Hernandez may have hit two Rangers, but one of them (Laird) lunged right into the pitch. Kinsler was beaned, but it wasn't near his head. It was pretty bush league of Sexson to throw his helmet, though. Gabbard just came off the DL for a back injury. And the helmet, you guessed it, bounced off his lower back.

-- Poor Matt Cain owners. You and Aaron Harang owners need to go nurse a six pack of DogFish Head 90 Minute IPA together.

-- Pitchers who are inching closer to ownable in deep mixed league formats: Daniel Cabrera and Mike Mussina (probably super deep for the latter). Don't look now, but Daniel Cabrera has something like five quality starts in a row, and he's not walking people. He's. Not. Walking. People. I don't know which is more surprising, Cabrera's change of heart in regards to putting the ball near the plate or Juan Pierre's decision to stop swinging at balls a foot outside.

-- Ryan Ludwick: now owned in all leagues.

-- Chris Young and Carlos Pena -- are they the most productive Mendoza line hitters in baseball? I'm thinking yes. Having one player like that on your team is just fine. Two or more ... not so good.

-- Jimmy Rollins, still MIA. ARGH. Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder are now being given days off. Fielder needs to start eating the meat again, and Howard needs to stop striking out once every two and a half at-bats.

-- I believe in the power of JC. And by that, I mean Jorge Cantu. I've had my whiffs this year in terms of fantasy advice, but Cantu wasn't one of them. I want you all to remember that I foresaw this on March 27th.

-- As shocking as this sounds, Verlander may be available in your league over the next few days. It's getting ugly out there.


Anonymous said...

how old is Edinson? 24, right?

take a look at this picture and tell me how old he looks:

Mike Bock said...

That is an hysterical picture. Clearly Edi has an 89 year old sibling.