Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Cole Hamels actually managed to eke out a win for two of my fantasy squads. This is how excited I am:


-- You dropped Ted Lilly on or about April 17th, didn't you? C'mon, admit it. Yeah, that was a bad decision. Three weeks does not a season make.

-- C.C. Sabathia is back. Seven innings, nine Ks, a sub-1.00 WHIP. And a win. What's remarkable is that despite turning his season around, he still has a 6.55 ERA.

-- Kenny Rogers will be remembered for many things. His name reminds people of The Gambler, he has over 200 wins, he had a really, really bad NLCS for the Mets a while back (you walk Andruw Jones to end a playoff series, people remember), he has a perfect game, but I will always remember this: he is the only modern era player I know of to be drafted as a left-handed shortstop (then immediately converted to pitcher). No wonder he has so many gold gloves.

-- James Shields, you punk bitch, did you think you wouldn't have to pitch nine innings to get the win? Back in the Joe Morgan era, if you didn't pitch nine innings, they had you throw balls into a concrete wall until they felt you had been abused sufficiently.

-- Jorge Cantu (my personal lord and savior): 2-4 with two RBIs. Here's a JC cartoon:


-- Ryan Zimmerman and Kevin Kouzmanoff, if they're still buy lows in your league, they won't be for much longer.

-- Jim Thome: another productive Mendoza hitter. Most teams can only afford one.

-- I forgot Yahoo won't let me drop a player and remove him from the DL on the same day. Curse you Jimmy Rollins! Three-for-5, and a home run? *sob*

-- Carlos Gomez is a draft-day bargain this year. Fifteen steals already? It makes my stomach turn for drafting Crawford in the second round. I don't know which is more surprising, his 80+ stolen base pace or this anteater wearing a sweater.


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