Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- [INSERT CLOSER] pitched in a non-save situation, and was promptly lit up. Yesterday's version: C.J. Wilson.

-- Looks like Kelly Johnson isn't playing against left handers. Kind of annoying, particularly as he's facing lefties in the next two games.

-- Shane Victorino is playing himself right out of a starting spot. Come back, Shane! (Name that reference.)

-- Derek Jeter is on the board with a home run! Nicely done, Captain Amazing. Mariano Rivera looked pretty filthy yesterday. He's mixing that four seamer in with his cutter much more effectively this year. He may not allow a run till mid-June.

-- Ryan Franklin picks up his first save as the designated closer. Seems like only yesterday he was a middling starter. They grow up so fast. With only 8 Ks in 18 innings, though, I don't see how he keeps up a 2.00 ERA.

-- George Sherrill is starting to look awfully shaky -- 4.41 ERA, another pretty ugly looking save ... we'll see what happens.

-- Max Scherzer: another great effort.

-- Scott Kazmir: 108 pitches, second game back from elbow problems. Sell sell sell sell sell.

-- I watched the Angels game with some friends. Vladimir Guerrero can't hit the cut-off man to save his life. It's kind of funny when the second baseman runs 20 feet to field his throws. Vlad sat dead red on a fastball with a hitter's count, then was late on the swing and fouled it off down the first-base line. The speed gun read 92 mph. That didn't happen two or three years ago.

-- Eric Gagne's "poor pitiful me" speech isn't nearly as ugly as his track record. Every fantasy manager could have told Milwaukee it was a bad move. Basically, every member of the Brewers' bullpen should be owned, but I think Mota is next in line.

-- Tim Lincecum's Steve Carlton impersonation continues.

-- Greg Maddux finally made it to 350 wins. We won't see that again until an ambidextrous pitcher who can make 70 starts finally appears. I think Randy makes it to 300 as a starter, then could pitch into his 50s as a closer and/or LOOGY.

-- How can you own Chad Billingsley at this point? I mean, really. The walks, the maddening inconsistency ... wait a second, this sounds like Oliver Perez. Hmmm...

-- Jeff Keppinger: five for five, all singles. Well, they count, too.

-- There's a nice feel-good story on Melvin Mora's quintuplets (!!) on Yahoo. Well, I have a pretty different take on Mora's remarkably timed career resurgence.

His kids were born in mid 2001. He was a fringe player through that season and was 29 (born in 1972). Never cracked 450 at-bats and was above 215 once in four years. Basically, he was on his way out of baseball. What happened from 2001 onwards? First, he put on a crapload of muscle. Then, he began utterly obliterating every single one of his career norms. His home runs went from six or seven a year to 19 in 2002, to 15 in 344 at-bats in 2003, to 27 in 2004 and 2005. That is absolutely insane.

He signed a big contract and has been pretty productive, though he hasn't reached the fantasy sleeper god marks of a few years ago. His career progression is pretty remarkable. Do I have an explanation for it?

Yeah, I do. Then again, as Mora states, he was worried about having enough money "to feed" his children.

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