Monday, May 12, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- After years of religiously following baseball (albeit, mostly for fantasy purposes), I have to say that I cannot recall a team batting out of order other than in the first inning. The few times I can remember it happening, the manager posted a lineup card that was different from the card handed to the umpire). For a major-league team to actually bat out of order (which results in an automatic out) during a game is pretty remarkable. Congratulations, Dusty Baker; you accomplished something yesterday that most high school coaches know how to avoid.

-- There were, like, a million rainouts yesterday. It's probably too late in most leagues, but remember to insert your doubleheader players!

-- Dan Uggla belted two home runs yesterday. If ever there was a time to try to move him for Utley, Upton, or Phillips, this is it.

-- I've jumped on the Jair Jurrjens train -- at least until the All-Star break, at which point I'll try to move him before the innings count derails his year.

-- Apparently Milwaukee is going with a closer by committee. Mota, Shouse, Riske, they all should be owned.

-- Michael Bourn has 17 stolen bases, but they are costly to fantasy squads: a sub .200 batting average, only six RBI, and a mere 16 runs. Ouch.

-- Chris Young at home is simply money in the bank. Money, I say!

-- Let's all spare a moment to pity Jonathan Broxton owners. It takes a special kind of performance to get your ERA into the 100+ zone. Six runs in a third of inning sounds just about right. I'll remind you all that I told you to drop him about a week ago when we started to hear rumors of injury woes. There are always stud middle relievers available: there's never a reason to hold on to any of them if there a hint of trouble (unless they have a good shot of closing in the near future).

-- Andruw Jones indicated yesterday that he doesn't care what fans think, doesn't play for them, and believes their opinions are worthless because they didn't play baseball. How do you argue with that? It's true most fans didn't play baseball at the high school level or above, but at least they know that batting .175 sucks, and they also know how to correctly spell the name "Andrew."

Where did this "they didn't play the game" defense come from, anyway? As though years of research count for nothing. If I want to know what it's like to strike out over and over and over again while receiving the highest salary in Dodger history, I'll ask Andruw Jones. If I want to know why his VORP is the lowest of any starting center fielder in baseball, I'll ask a sabermetrician.

-- Anyone else wonder what's going on with Corey Hart? Hunter Pence seems to have turned things around, and Chris Young is supplying elite Mendoza line production, but Hart has one home run and four stolen bases, yet is batting roughly .300. Unexpected.

--Somebody, somewhere had Chad Qualls pitch for him on Friday and Jonathan Broxton and Tim Wakefield on Saturday. I'm so sorry.

-- John Smoltz hopes to return by the end of the month. Soriano hopes to beat Smoltz back from the disabled list. Manny Acosta is probably going to close until mid-June, IMHO.

-- J.J. Putz is starting to look a bit better. I doubt any owner who wasted a fourth-round pick on him is going to allow you to buy low, but you never know.

-- So, who's going to get a home run first, Joe Mauer or Victor Martinez? That's some putrid ugliness, right there.

-- Please tell me you didn't start Rich Harden. I'd leave him on the DL (if your league allows) until he puts together a good start. Then I'd try to trade him.

-- Johnny Cueto: now available in all leagues!

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