Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Yesterday was the third day in a row C.J. Wilson pitched in non-save situations. He's eight for nine in save chances and absolutely disastrous every other time he takes the mound. Two days ago: two hits, ekes out of the inning. Yesterday: two runs. Today: four runs. First off, I'm not sure why he's pitching three games in a row, and four out of five, regardless of the situation. I picked up Joaquin Benoit in all leagues where I had the bench space -- though he's not exactly on fire this year, either. As soon as I saw C.J. Wilson's name pop up on stat tracker, I knew what was coming.

-- Some of the shine came off Manny Acosta today. Not sure why he was being used in the eighth inning of a game that the Braves were losing by two runs ... and which was the first game of a doubleheader ... but the fact that he gave up a two run shot to LaRoche is more worrisome than Cox apparently not bothering to keep him fresh for a potential save chance in game two.

-- Tim Hudson is looking like a draft-day steal. He's quietly going to reach 150-155 wins this year if he stays healthy. He never relied upon pure stuff (though it's always been pretty good), but with his frame, I'm a bit surprised that he's the only one of Oakland's vaunted "Big Three" to still be pitching effectively. Let's not get crazy and start talking about 300 wins, but I can't think of another pitcher that has a realistic shot at 250. Unless of course we're going to go start assuming that pitchers in their mid 20s are going to stay healthy and effective forever.

I suppose Andy Pettitte, at the age of 35 and at 204, has an outside chance. Jamie Moyer's at 232ish (I don't know if it's current through his last start), but does he really have another year or two in him? Injuries have derailed Schilling and Colon.

Whenever someone sniffs at Mike Mussina's eventual 260-285 win career (played primarily for teams that were mediocre, at best) and says he's not Hall of Fame material, keep in mind that nobody may top him for decades. After Randy Johnson --maybe --you can forget about 300 for the foreseeable future.

--Guillermo Mota got the save. Gagne pitched two innings, gave up only one run, but allowed four base runners.

-- Tell me you didn't start Randy Wolf on the road. Did you? I'm telling you, start all San Diego pitchers at home, and only Peavy and Chris Young (who can also be somewhat scary) anywhere else but San Francisco.

-- Four middle infielders went deep in the Cincy v. Florida game. Can't remember that ever happening before, though I'm sure it must have.

-- Ryan Braun went deep twice for the second time in two days. Prince Fielder, 0-4. He's on pace for a .260ish, 24-home-run, 83-RBI season. You know what's even more frightening? That would obliterate Ryan Howard's projected totals in terms of fantasy value.

-- Barry Zito didn't lose! It's a miracle!


Anonymous said...

I'll have to disagree with you on the 300 win thing. There's no way we don't see any more 300 win pitchers "for decades".

Mike Bock said...

Other than Randy Johnson, who has a shot?

Daniel said...

Acosta is on waivers in my league is he worth picking up and dropping R Betancourt?

Mike Bock said...

Unless you've heard something about Betancourt's removal from the closer role, I wouldn't. Even though Betancourt has been getting hammered lately, track-record wise he's much better bet going forward then Acosta (his 2007 season was insane).

More importantly, you don't have room on your bench for Acosta?