Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- When I saw that J.J. Putz had the win and Jarrod Washburn the save, I blinked a few times. Gotta love those extra-innings games and their wacky stats.

-- Carlos Quentin was undrafted in just about every league I'm in. How about yours?

-- Another win for Daniel Cabrera and Mike Mussina. I'm ready to take a flier on both of them even in shallow mixed leagues.

-- C.C. Sabathia: hope you bought low.

-- Mike Napoli's on pace for what? A 30-home-run, 15-stolen-base season? Has that ever happened before amongst catchers? Pudge probably managed it. Why is Napoli only playing part time? And batting ninth? Mike Scioscia really needs a reality check on how he's handling his roster. By reality check, I mean a slap in the face.

-- Homers for Kelly Johnson (turning his season around in a hurry) and Adam Dunn (what's with the solo homers, buddy?). Both are exiled to the seventh spots in the batting order. Considering Dunn's major strength is his batting eye and OBP, sticking him anywhere near the bottom of the lineup is moronic. He should be batting second or third.

-- It wasn't a save, but Isringhausen finished off Wellemeyer's win. I think he's back in the role full-time pretty soon. Same for Gagne.

-- Clayton Kershaw allegedly will be called up soon. Insert all rookie pitcher caveats here. I'd rather pick up Jay Bruce then Kershaw.

-- Anyone notice that Coco Crisp is on fire? He getting regular playing time yet?

-- A lot of people gave up on Matt Garza. Check out what he's done after returning from the DL. Hint: it's good.

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Ben Westrup said...

I wish Garza would strike out more guys. 8 K's to 6 BB's in 19.1 innings is not exactly heartening to me.