Friday, May 16, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- I already talked about Lance Berkman's May 15th, but let me reiterate: he be real good.

-- Interleague play starts today, so remember to bench all your DHs. I'd go ahead and cut a guy like Jim Thome if bench spots are at a premium.

-- Cole Hamels tossed a complete game shutout yesterday. Today, Phillies management announced that they aren't close to signing a long term deal with him and are content that he's locked up through 2012. They also noted that "pitchers who get hurt aren't such great deals." I guess that explains the pitch counts -- they're renting, not buying.

-- Ever so quietly, Andruw Jones is eking his way out of the toilet. He's now in the gutter. I can't believe I'm saying this, but check out his game logs. Everything I just said about Jones, I'm also saying about Jose Guillen.

-- Only three pitchers who have tossed 10 or more innings still haven't given up an earned run: Joakim Soria, Billy Wagner, and B.J. Ryan. Soria and Wagner have thrown more than fifteen. I'm pretty excited to see who the last titan to fall will be.

-- Blake DeWitt is a hot add in a lot of leagues, but I don't buy in. He's going to lose playing in the near future, and that means I'm not going to cut a decent regular for him.

-- It's a darned shame that Pedro Feliz is only eligible at 3B. He'd have some value if you could slot him around as a multi-position player.

-- Brandon Webb is making a serious run at 25 wins. He's going to win a lot of people a lot of leagues.

-- A player like Carlos Quentin is basically untradeable. You can't get fair value because no other owner is going to admit they whiffed that badly. Don't ever try to trade players with no track records; if you think they're for real, trade your established stars and count on production from the new blood.

-- Kobayashi is probably owned in every league at this point, but if he's not, go get him. He's the new Cleveland closer.

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