Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Another day, another home run for Adam Dunn. That makes it five straight games. Still batting about .230.

-- Josh Hamilton also went yard. And now has 50 RBIs. Fifty! What could this guy have done with his career if he stayed on the straight and narrow?

-- Peavy is on his way to the DL. "No structural damage found" is right up there with "this is only going to sting for a moment" and "it happens to every guy occasionally" as one of the least comforting phrases around.

-- Lance Berkman strikes out three times? No home run? No stolen bases? About fucking time.

-- I was watching the Cubs game yesterday and was absolutely screaming at the television at the blown Soto home-run call. At least he turned it into an inside-the-park job. Nice hustle. We'll see if being forced to run has any lingering after effects. He may have to go on the DL.

-- Jon Lester had a no-hitter. Good for him. Can you say "lightning in a bottle?" I know I can.

-- Brett Myers is pretty much unstartable at this point. So is the absolutely dreadful Brad Penny (who's known as a first half pitcher, so this is really bad). Next stop: unownable. I'm thinking both reach that point before June 1.

-- The vultures are circling C.J. Wilson. I'm afraid to go to bed, as a news item may float across the ticker indicating that he's been removed from the job. That's what? Three or four straight disaster appearances? It's not as though he's giving up solo home runs to Lance Berkman, he's walking guys, throwing wild pitches, and basically stinking up the joint. Eddie Guardado is safely stashed away in a few of my leagues.

-- How much longer can Ryan Franklin close? Trying to guess at what LaRussa's going to do can be tough, but you've got to think that Perez is going to get a chance sometime this year.

-- Vin Scully offered this up yesterday: "Not many baseball fans know who Brandon Phillips is." Really? I love Vin, I really do, but I've got to think he's dead wrong on that one. What baseball fan, particularly of a National League team such as the Dodgers, doesn't know who Brandon Phillips is? He only broke Joe Morgan's "most home runs by a Reds second baseman" record and joined Soriano as only the second 30/30 2B'er.

-- I'd trade many, many, "established" closers for Brian Fuentes. Even if he does get traded, I'd rather have him than C.J. Wilson.

-- I call out Aramis Ramirez and Evan Longoria yesterday, and right on cue they respond with home runs and big games. I need to start targeting players I actually own.

-- It's getting to the point where even if Pujols blows out his arm in mid August, he's still going to have a better season than Prince Fielder, who I selected in just about every league.

-- Too late for anyone not in Hawaii, but spot starting Mussina against Baltimore today looks like a good play.

-- Bartolo Colon is starting on Wednesday. If it goes well, you probably won't get him. If you're in a Yahoo league, he hasn't been added yet. Very, very frustrating.

-- You'll probably see a Playometer article on Eric Byrnes very soon. Hint: he's not going to be on the "heating up" side of the equation. How startling is it going to be if by June 1, Justin Verlander and Eric Byrnes are hitting the waiver wire. Those are fourth, maybe fifth round picks! Hell, if they weren't middle infielders, Robinson Cano and Edgar Renteria would probably be close behind. Heck, being 2B eligible might not save Robinson Cano much longer.

-- So much for Curtis Granderson's hot start. Edgar Renteria: Ditto.

-- Yesterday, Bobby Jenks's O-Rank in Yahoo was 93. His "actual" rank? Also 93. I can't remember that ever happening this late in the season for any player other than Alex Rodriguez.


Benjamin said...

Okay, let's test the limits of your Soto love. 14-team 5X5 keeper league. I was offered Soto and Pedroia for Lincecum. My current catcher is a Salty/Navarro rotation, and I have Kent at 2nd (with Wiggington on the bench). I'd have to send Kent back in return. I'd love a boost in runs and average from Pedroia, and Soto would feel much better than waiting on Salty to breakout. It would leave me with Vazquez, C Young, Volquez, Harden, Cueto and G Smith in the rotation.

Bob Taylor said...

Bock -- good thing almost all of these Mussina runs will be unearned or you'd have folks out for your head!

Mike Bock said...

Yankees playing bad defense? I can't believe it.

I'd do that trade twice today and twice more tomorrow.

Mike Bock said...

Soto next year may be going in the second or third round, even if he plateaus a bit. Lincecum? On that team, he'll never be more than a sixth or seventh rounder.

Bob Taylor said...

I agree. Great fantasy pitchers come and go. Great fantasy catchers are hard to come by.

BTW, Mike, I actually picked Mussina up a couple days ago to get a two-start week out of him in my weekly-lineup money league. Seemed like a good plan ... until he destroyed my WHIP yesterday. (Knocked me down two-hundredths of a point in only two-thirds of an inning! Fuck.)