Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Mike Piazza, I'll never forgive the Dodgers for letting you go only to sign cancerous Gary Sheffield. You're the greatest hitting catcher of all time. But, dude, you didn't retire. When you sit around for six weeks hoping someone signs you, it's not called retiring; it's called being fired. Best of luck going forward.

-- Daniel Cabrera: now a must own in all formats. That performance today was epic. Mike Mussina fell victim to the "unearned runs don't bother me" mindset after Jeter botched an easy play (which he does all ... the ... time.).

-- Justin Verlander, signs of encouragement. C.C. Sabathia, hard luck loser.

-- Carlos Quentin's value may never be any higher. While I love the guy, if could put together a package for Holliday, Crawford, or Reyes, I'd do it.

-- Brian Wilson's ERA is now closer to 6.00 than it is to 5.50. He had another horrible performance today (thank god for three-run leads). Between him and C.J. Wilson, my bullpens are getting pummelled.

-- Frank Thomas is quietly heating up. Tough to pick up a DH during interleague play, though.

-- Corey Hart hit his third home run today. He's now gone from a complete and utter disaster to a mere failure. The seven stolen bases are nice, but he's tracking for what? Twelve home runs? Another big time bust thus far is Jeff Francaeiouy(sometimes)r. Take away a two-homer game in which he had seven RBI and he'd have been cut in every league. Maybe these guys just require a change of scenery. If you can swap with an owner in your league, don't be a contentious ass: pull the trigger.

--Jason Bay has the quietest 10 homers in the major leagues. He could be had for a song pre-season. How about now?

-- Cole Hamels with one of the most dominating pitching performances of the year can't get a friggin' run. Shane Victorino really hurt his chances of earning back a regular gig when he hit a harmless fly ball with the bases loaded for the third out in the seventh inning.

-- How do you have well over a K per inning, a 3.75 ERA, and a near 1.50 WHIP? Riddle me that, Chad Billingsley.

-- Jeter took a pitch off his hand. Supposedly he'll play tomorrow. If you're sitting on a relatively fair trade involving Jeter, accept it.

-- A-Rod came back today and hit a home run, but a lot of you probably got caught in the Yahoo "no same day DL removal" shenanigans. Must be frustrating. Another home run that was probably on everyone's bench? Jim Thome's. He's probably benched in every league with the expectation he's not getting regular at-bats.

-- Billy Butler: the dream is dead. Move on.

-- Towers ripped into the San Diego Padres today. Did he expect that team to have any kind of offense? Has he not watched what PETCO is like early in the year? Did he not put that roster together? Chase Headley will be up soon.

-- Sometimes injuries can be merciful. Andruw Jones may be out with arthroscopic knee surgery. Those of you in nega-leagues probably sewed up the title with Jones's performance this year. Eric Gagne complained of shoulder stiffness today. The mad scramble for Solomon Torres (maybe owned in most leagues) and Guillermo Mota (owned in most leagues) probably blew out a few server farms.

-- A couple of guys who frittered away 20-30% of their value on the DL had strong starts today (Lackey and Kazmir). Can't really sell high, everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Just pray they give you 20ish starts.

-- Basically, every slumping Tiger had a home run today.

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