Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- "We will meet again, baseball, and next time my nose will be ready!" vowed Chris Young.

Chris Young owners, I'd pick up Edwin Jackson, Daniel Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Chris Perez, or Taylor Bucholz in case some innings need to get eaten over the next few weeks.

-- I have nothing witty to say about Josh Bard's ankle, which looked really broken, as opposed to just "ordinary" broken. Pujols the Destroyer really had a field day.

-- Those of you who stashed away Prior or Schilling, I'd rather take a chance on Jason Schmidt or Mike Gonzalez (maybe closing in Atlanta?) at this point.

-- Signs of life from Jeff Francoeur! He was only a double away from the cycle. Victorino also looks to be righting the ship. You know who's sinking like a rock? Pat Burrell. Hope you listened to us a few weeks ago when we told you to sell, because nobody wants this guy now.

-- Tadahito Iguchi and Akinori Iwamura should be owned in every deep mixed league. I'm pretty irked I dropped Iwamura after hyping him pre-season, only to watch him go off on someone else's team.

-- Bartolo Colon wasn't exactly dominating, but in a deep mixed league I'd take his track record over a host of Johnny-come-latelies.

-- You forgot about A-Rod and left him in your DL spot again, didn't you? For shame.

-- If your team has Dunn, Carlos Pena, Ryan Howard, Chris Young, and Nick Swisher on it, I want to hear about it. You, my friend, are the King of [productive] Mendoza hitters. Nay, the Emperor!

-- If I wasn't so lazy, I'd dig up my post indicating that I had no interest in Andy Sonnanstine. I still don't, and now you probably don't either.

-- Jair Jurrjens has been a wonderful waiver-wire addition. I'm still selling in August. If by some miracle he throws 200 innings, his arm is going to fall off.

-- I posted a funny comment about Ben Sheets's 120+ pitch outing today. It's appendixed to Bob's post here. Go read it.

-- Cueto allowed ten base runners in five innings. Yeah, three of those five runs were unearned, but do you still own him? Why?

-- Adrian Gonzalez is now the most underappreciated hitter in baseball. So mote it be!

-- Javier Vazquez = Adrian Gonzalez. But for pitchers.

-- I wish I'd picked up Kuroda early in the year. Yeah, the wins aren't there, but he was a free fifth starter with a lot of favorable matchups, and has a moderately funky delivery that should deceive hitters for a season or two.

-- God damn, didn't know Brett Favre and Geoff Jenkins actually have been seen in the same room together.


Don Ford said...

That sucks that Josh Bard is out. I've been spot starting Stolen Base guys against him all year!

Is the new catcher in SD a target to run on?

Chet Gresham said...

Another sign of the apocalypse! Pretty soon Jacoby Ellsbury and Julianna Margulies will be seen in the same room!

Quintilian B. Nasty said...

But, if you had number one waiver priority in your league, would you use it to pick up Colon? That's the situation I'm in. Or should I wait for Kershaw instead?

Mike Bock said...

I wouldn't use it on Colon unless I was desperate for pitching (and in a deep league). I'd wait for Kershaw.