Friday, May 23, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- I am in two cash leagues. One has a 25-man roster, the other a 22. Between the two teams, I have employed 17 relievers (seven of them for the entire season), who racked up 170.33 innings between them. Yesterday, I was credited with my first win from a reliever. (Though I've had a few wins on the bench.) Mariano Rivera finally got me off the schneid. I almost broke down and cried.

-- Jason Bay: Eleven home runs, only 20 RBI? How is that even possible?

-- I rag on Cory Hart, he steals bases and hits home runs. That's how it works, folks.

-- Clayton Kershaw was pulled after one inning. Sounds like he'll be called up pretty darned soon. I'd go pick up Chase Headley, but it looks like he won't be up until June 1. That's too long to carry dead weight around. Around May 30 sounds good. He won't steal any bags, but he's hit at a pretty good clip with 20-30 HR power in the minors. I'd be a lot more enthusiastic if he played somewhere else.

-- C.J. Wilson gets a 1-2-3 save just in time. The vultures were circling around Joaquin Benoit and Eddie Guardado pretty heavily.

-- Jose Guillen should have been added by everyone by now. 30+ RBI after a start that abysmal? I wish I had him back.

-- Brian Bannister has returned to earth, as so many of these low K-rate phenoms do. Next up: Cliff Lee.

-- Wil Ohman picked up the save yesterday. I'm sure Cox was looking at the lefty/lefty matchup, but he probably really wanted to fuck with fantasy owners. In NL-only leagues, or deep leagues where you are seriously scrounging for saves, Ohman just picked up a bit of extra value.

-- So long as they're not facing Mike Mussina, the Baltimore Orioles can't hit anyone right now. They've scored one run or less in three of their last four games. I'm spot-starting Edwin Jackson this Saturday.

-- Randy Wolf has 17 Ks in 17 innings at home, a 3.18 ERA and a 1.06 WHIP. Now that Peavy and Chris Young are on the DL (and even if Chris Young wasn't), you really, really, really need to never start any San Diego pitcher on the road. Every time you do, an angel's wings are ripped from its body.

-- A.J. Burnett has a near 1.00 WHIP and better than a K an inning in his last two starts. If he was dropped, consider strongly picking him up. Definitely do so if you need Ks.

-- We haven't talked about Ian Kinsler much, mostly because I wish I'd drafted him, and am bitter. Same goes for Dan Uggla.

-- At some point this year, your jaw is going to hit the floor at some of the players being dropped for performance, rather than injury related, reasons. Nick Swisher, Travis Hafner, and Gary Sheffield come to mind. (You should never be surprised when pitchers inexplicably go south: two or three always do.) Pronk owners are waiting for a turn around that will probably never happen. There's scuttlebutt on the intertron about Pronk's collapse. Some of it is interesting.


waters96 said...

Hey Mike, in my money Yahoo mixed 12 team non-keeper league would you drop either Scherzer, Oliver Perez or Todd Wellemeyer for Lowe, Blanton, Penny or Snell. Thanks.

Mike Bock said...

I wouldn't drop Scherzer or Oliver Perez for any of those guys.

Wellemeyer for any of those guys is plausible. Snell has the most upside (177 Ks, sub 4.0 ERA in about 200 IP last year), but plays for a bad team.

Blanton has decent ERA/WHIP numbers, but 34 Ks in 74 IP! That's brutal!

Penny is just absolutely dreadful, and Lowe will probably rebound, but typically has about .6 Ks per inning, which just isn't enough. If you're going to take a chance on a mediocre starter, at least get one who strikes people out.

I'd go with Snell.