Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Congratulations, Seattle. You have allowed your soon-to-be lame duck manager, John McLaren, to probably pitch into the ground your single biggest asset. Felix Hernandez had his start pushed back from Friday to Saturday, and reports are that he will now miss his next turn entirely. Wonderful.

-- It's not every day you see one of your starters put an upside-down six in the earned-run column. Any Bedard owners out there?

-- Greinke owners, you had a heck of a return on an investment. Don't ride him like it will continue forever.

-- Felipe Lopez at home platooning with the suddenly resurgent Khalil Greene on the road is looking like a dynamite combination. That's what I'll be doing for the next month or two.

-- There was a Fernando Tatis siting yesterday! Tatis's two-grand-slam inning seems more and more like an urban legend with each passing year.

-- Hunter Pence is looking like the Hunter Pence people thought they were going to get when they drafted him.

-- Oliver Perez's eight walks and six hits in only five innings is going to take a while to heal. As in, a week. He's becoming borderline unplayable. I hate to bench him, but it's getting close.

-- Another save for Ryan Franklin, another home run for Ryan Ludwick. The St. Louis Cardinals are an unexpected gold mine of fantasy nuggets this year.

-- Frank Thomas: worth owning again.

-- Orlando Cabrera still has a sub .230 batting average but is scoring runs and is on pace to steal about 20 bases. I need him to turn things around. Thankfully, I can count on Ozzie Guillen to keep batting him leadoff 'cuz he'd have no value without those 30 or so runs scored.

-- Adam Dunn is now batting .248. If he gets to .265 by the All Star break, I'm going to be ecstatic.

-- Jarrod Saltalamacchia has a hit in four of his last five games, with two of them being home runs.

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