Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- It's a pretty hectic Memorial Day weekend for me, between San Diego brewery tours and being disappointed by the latest Indy film, but let's look at the last two days.

-- You missed out on Bartolo Colon and Clayton Kershaw, didn't you?

-- Carlos Quentin may go down as the greatest waiver-wire hitter in the new millennia. My previous nominee: probably Carlos Pena.

-- Justin Duchscherer: now added in all leagues.

-- Cole Hamels: is he overworked, or just had an off game?

-- Ian Stewart has been called up (for real this time). Atkins has now missed two games with a sore neck. This doesn't sound promising for Atkins owners.

-- Jorge Cantu homered in back-to-back games of a doubleheader today. Pretty impressive. He's now batting third, and I've got to try to find a lineup spot for him so long as he's batting in that spot.

-- Prince Fielder's season is quickly turning into a disaster. I'm starting to think it's the vegetarianism.

-- What is going on with Edwin Encarnacion? Time to demote him again?

-- Matt Holliday goes on the DL. Remember what I said about trying to trade for him? Never mind. Hold on to Lance Berkman and Carlos Quentin.

-- C.J. Wilson seems to have officially righted the ship. Mariano Rivera's 2007 is looking more and more like a blip on the radar. Jon Rauch is looking like the waiver-wire closer of the year.


Junker23 said...

Would Ryan Braun count as a waiver wire pickup or do rookies not count? Great site BTW.

Mike Bock said...

When I say "waiver wire pickup", I'm talking about guys available on draft day who by and large went undrafted. Not players who weren't available till they were called up.