Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- The ESPN Baseball Tonight crew is so gutless. Rick Ankiel airballs a throw from centerfield 20 feet over the catcher's head into the netting behind home plate, and they don't reference the yips that ended his pitching career (because he kept throwing balls over the catcher's head into the netting behind home plate)? C'mon. One of the Sportscenter talking heads did make a low key joke about it, and his partner immediately chimes in with "I wasn't going to go there." Guys, if we're all thinking it, it's not cutting edge.

-- Jay Bruce was called up, promptly goes 3-for-3. He was snatched in every league. So far, so good. Hatteberg was designated for assignment, so those of you in NL-only leagues with 20 teams and 30 roster spots can go ahead and cut him.

-- Another win for Bartolo Colon. Guess he wasn't as much of a sleeper as I thought, as my waiver pick wasn't good enough to snag him in either of my money leagues.

-- Dunn hit another moonshot today that missed clearing the stadium by about 10 feet. I hate to say it, but maybe Dusty batting him seventh pissed him off. Or maybe he just started to do what every scrap of his track record predicted.

-- Is Vicente Padilla going to make it to 18 wins? The Rangers seem to love scoring runs for the Padilla Flotilla.

-- Another home run for the scorching hot Kelly Johnson. A lot of people dropped him early in the year when he was having that mysterious knee trouble. Hope you snatched him up. I know I did.

-- Tad Iguchi is a free agent in way too many leagues Sure, he plays for San Diego, but those SBs, not-horrible HR totals, and okay batting average are better than what a lot of folks are getting from middle infielders.

-- Felipe Lopez is back to being my utility player. He's basically doing nothing on the road.

-- Travis Hafner is [finally] getting cut in deep leagues. If he doesn't go on the DL soon, he's going to be 50+% available by the second week of June.

-- Five months of Albert Pujols (though his elbow seems to be doing okay) is looking definitely better than six months of meatless Prince Fielder. He needs to stop listening to his wife, Princess Vegan Vagina and go get himself a goddamned steak.

-- Salomon Torres: Exhibit 1103941 why you do not pay for saves. Oakland is only four games out, but if that gets anywhere close to double digits by the All-Star break, Huston Street is going somewhere. The Marlins probably would love to trade Gregg, but how can they when they're leading the NL East? Their 279 fans would eat them alive. Fuentes will probably be traded as Colorado enters rebuilding mode.

-- I picked up Ian Stewart (when I mistakenly thought he had already been called up), then dropped him in three leagues. Well, he finally was called up, and other folks beat me to the punch as I've been pretty busy lately. What happens? The desperate Rockies start him at second base. I swear on the bloated, godawful script of Indiana Jones IV that if he becomes second-base eligible before September I'm going to sacrifice some furry, harmless creature to the Old Ones I must have angered.

-- Delmon Young should be benched for butchering that fly ball today. Sure, his team may have won, but you allow Teahen to score on an inside the park job in that situation, you need to have your ass sat down.

-- Two home runs for Jose Reyes on Monday. I tried to buy low, but no one wanted Prince Fielder and Kelly Johnson for him. Too late now.

-- All of you who are scoffing at me about saying you should trade high on Kazmir will get your comeuppance. Just you wait and see!

-- Felix Hernandez was, once again, trotted out by John McLaren to get bushwhacked in the eighth of a game he dominated in. Five runs later, confidence broken, and arm probably tired, he was mercifully pulled. Is there a worse run organization in baseball than Seattle? It's just pitiful. They butchered the Adam Jones call-up last year, fucked with Jeff Clement for no reason (and started his arbitration clock), didn't pursue Barry Bonds or Frank Thomas when Jose Vidro (?!?) is their starting DH, and they apparently decided J.J. Putz was the only reliever they needed. For shame.

-- It apparently took a long time for Ryan Dempster's arm to recover from the horse whipping it received back in the early 00s. Consider these pitch counts in those first few years with the Marlins: 3,583 pitches in a season, then 3,617 -- he never pitched more than 120 innings in a season again, battled injuries, andbecame a reliever. First year on that high of a pitch count: 3.66 ERA. Next year: 4.96. He was in the sixes for the two years after that.

-- I have accepted Josh Hamilton as my personal lord and savior. Right now, the list of position players I'd trade him straight up for consists of about six names.

-- Twenty-three of the top twenty-five players in Yahoo are position players. Consider that whenever you're trading hitting for pitching (and during next year's draft).

-- Adrian Gonzalez is going to put up absolutely monster numbers this year. What he's doing in fairly blustery weather, in those ballparks, is nuts.

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Anonymous said...

One other note: Geovany Soto had a sure 3-run homer knocked down by a strong wind in Wrigley. That's either the third or fourth one he's had nullified by the elements already.