Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- Does Carlos Guillen's roids problem -- hemorrhoids that is!! HARHARHARHAR -- deserve it's own article? I can't decide.

-- Another two stolen bases from Victorino today, and Jayson Werth remains safely on the DL. Take a look at Werth's last 20 at-bats before he went down. Not pretty. The only person worse would be Arizona's Chris Young, who is something like 0 for his last 1,038 plate appearances. Or maybe 0-for-20. I can't remember.

-- Oliver Perez does it to me again. I turn off the computer and head home in the fifth inning, sure that everything will work out as planned. Curse you, Ollie! Forgive me, I didn't mean that.

-- Percival goes down, and Wheeler gets the save. I swear to God, people picked up Dan Wheeler as Percival was falling to the ground. Folks in cash leagues are just that fast. Wheeler may turn into the next Jon Rauch, given Percival's age.

-- A day after I pimp him (and pick him up) Tad Iguchi goes 3-5. Yes.

-- Roy Halladay has pitched 89 innings. That's not a typo. He had to go eight to pick up a 2-1 win today. What is he on pace for, 280 innings? Holy crap. At least he struck out nine guys today, giving him a palatable 70 Ks on the year.

-- We have a Mark Reynolds sighting! A home run (is this his first in May?) for Mr. April! I'd still drop, and remember, him and Chris Shelton very fondly.

-- Has anyone ever seen Jonathan Sanchez and Oliver Perez together? Hmmmm....

-- Seattle beating Boston 1-0 seems pretty unlikely [but not as unlikely as previously reported, as I thought the game took place at Fenway: thanks Anonymous!]. How did that happen? The victory was delivered via Yuniesky Betancourt's home run (he was batting ninth). I have a question for John McLaren: Betancourt isn't setting the world on fire, but he's hitting .280 with good peripherals considering where he's been buried all year. You think anyone in that band of retreads, aging veterans, and journeymen Bavasi assembled should maybe bat lower than him? Maybe?

-- Lastings Milledge has now hit safely in nine of his last 11 games and has two home runs and three stolen bases over that span. When you're looking for quality on the cheap, check out teams that are at the bottom of the standings. He's now batting fifth on most nights.

-- Ty Wigginton, left for dead, has raised his batting average by about 40 points in 10 games. He's eligible all over the infield, and could probably be had on the cheap.

-- Ian Stewart got his second start at second base today. I'm going to start my own style website to commemorate my furry victims.


Anonymous said...

the Seattle game was in Seattle at Safeco which is in Seattle which is not Fenway which is not in Seattle nor will ever be in Seattle where the Seattle game was last night.

Mike Bock said...


Don Ford said...

Is Chris Young really in a slump? He seems to be doing ok, but the lack of SB is starting to concern me.

Mike Bock said...

He had a rough week or two, but is still hitting dingers. It's the stolen base dwindling that's troubling. It's a problem for a guy who's already a liability in one category (batting average) to be that far off last year's stolen base pace.