Friday, May 30, 2008

Fantasy Errata

-- I am pleased to see that Minnesota took my advice and sat Delmon Young down for a game.

-- Randy Johnson must be pissed. I allow two runs against the SF Giants, and I don't get a win? Prepare for the Johnson red-ass brigade!

-- Edwin Jackson: looking more and more droppable by the second.

-- Aaron Harang is the hard-luckiest of the hard luck pitchers this year. Sorry buddy. Those peripherals deserve better than this.

-- Why did Carlos Zambrano throw 130 pitches on Wednesday? Can anyone tell me? I know that I reclassified him from "overused" to "bonafide physical freak" a few weeks back, but 130 pitches? C'mon.

-- Jesse Litsch is on my "Danger: Mirage" poster, replacing Brian Bannister and a host of others.

-- Brad Penny still has been dropped in none of my leagues. Truly astounding.

-- That's three straight dominant performances for Brian Wilson (after two atrocious ones). He's a good buy-low candidate. With 16 saves, he's living proof that any team can provide closers with tons of value.

-- I've come to the conclusion that young teams become dominant a year or two earlier than we expect, and old teams fall apart a year or two before we expect. I thought the Mets had one more big run in them: guess not. I thought the D-Backs and Marlins were a year or two away: oops. Best runs scored/runs allowed team in baseball? The Cubs. A Cubs v. Red Sox World Series might just shut down much of the U.S. east of the Mississippi.

-- I'm not going to be able to ignore Blake DeWitt in deep leagues for much longer. Okay, maybe a bit longer.

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