Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fantasy Errata

I'm pretty under the weather tonight, so this will be a short edition.

-- Injuries galore. Ryan Doumit owners, sorry -- time to find a new catcher for at least a few weeks (broken thumb). Jeff Keppinger, apparently feeling sympathy for Alex Gonzalez, fractured his kneecap/patella. I picked up Khalil Greene, who hopefully is turning his season around, to replace him.

-- Anyone else surprised to see Eric Gagne back in the closer's role this soon? A lot of owners are cursing Ned Yost.

-- Felix Hernandez's slide into oblivion continues. Randy Johnson is going to have 300 wins by August if the Diamondbacks keep scoring 8+ runs for him a game.

-- You see that big red button? The one next to the small green one labeled "It's only April?" Yeah, it's the one marked "Panic." If you took Prince Fielder, Ryan Howard, or Alex Rodriguez in the first round, go ahead and hit that button right about now. I'm not quite ready to shout "game over man, game over" using my best Bill Paxton impersonation, but it's getting close.

-- Mariano Rivera gave up a run today. The "no runs allowed but have pitched more than 15 innings" club just keeps getting smaller. I'm too ill to look it up, but I think Joakim Soria may be the last member. Billy Wagner might also be in there.

-- Brian Wilson: sleeper closer. C.J. Wilson: perhaps a disaster in the making.

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